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Your feedback is indispensable for constant improvement of our disk magazine. However, what we need is constructive feedback. We don't need destructive whining, we don't need mere complaints. Valuable reactions that we need should provide us with ideas and ready to implement solutions. If you are a positive thinker, always ready to give a helping hand, and you enjoy our work... If you would like us to improve, and you can tell us exactly what you want from us... Then you definitely belong to the second group of people with specified characteristics (complainers vs optimists), and your feedback is important to us. We like to hear your voice, we want to understand your opinion about Attitude #13 and not only share your thoughts here, but also to react on them.

This time we received some valuable feedback from Response/Darklite. If you have any feedback on this very issue of Attitude, please let us know and we will include you in the feedback chapter next time around!

DJ GRUBY: We set the course to build a perfect disk magazine. Although trying hard, we are not there yet, we need a continuous improvement and we need your feedback. How could we have Attitude #13 improved? Did we miss anything that could have made that issue stand out from all the other magazines in the C64 scene?

TAPER: Perfect is a utopia, but it is still what we must strive for, to reach as high as even possible. That is why it's so important for us to hear your thoughts.

RESPONSE: I really don't have too much to complain about. I think it's a great diskmag with good content.

1. There are a few things one could do to make the reading a bit more interesting, though. For instance when referring to productions (a.k.a. demos, intros, graphics), it would be nice to use some "screens" from the production you are talking about. This makes (at least for me) things a bit more fresh, and also triggers memories from parties, particular scenes from a demo, etc.

2. I would have loved to see more interviews and tutorials. What about a tutorial series, running over several issues continuously? Could be code, music, graphics, cross-dev - anything goes.

3. You could also boost it a bit with some cool sprites or a scroller/effect running on the menu screen. Just a small touch up would have given more "life" to it. Just on the menu screen, though. It's good without disturbances while reading an article.

4. I like that you can change music fast with the numkeys. In addition to this, what about making the music autoskip to next track after a while? Fade out/in.

But as said, I really like this mag as is - so now we are down to the minor-minor details anyway.

DJ GRUBY: These are some valid arguments you have mentioned. When it comes to points 1, 3 and 4, they are all feasible. However, the actual content is a completely different topic. On the one hand you may get small and neat issues like the ones we aim at publishing nowadays on a regular basis, or the big and extensive ones meant to please all readers that are however released not as often (actually, we had been there already, and it did not work quite well for us, in fact it had caused the biggest delay we had ever experienced in the history of our diskmag: the scene had to wait more than 4 years for issue #10). So what would you prefer: small issues being released more frequently? Or maybe huge ones packed with an aforementioned content, yet published as rarely as once every two years?

RESPONSE: I would much rather have small releases more frequently than large ones very rare, that's for sure. It's good to hear you guys take my opinions into consideration.

DJ GRUBY: Absolutely, we value feedback from our devoted readers a lot and we honestly appreciate it!

TAPER: I too prefer smaller issues more frequently than large issues rarely. That is indeed our present aim, so I'm pleased that you agree. However, there is still too much time passing between issues, even though it's a radical improvement compared to the waiting for issue #10...

DJ GRUBY: When did you learn about "Attitude" for the first time? Have you considered it a decent magazine ever since then or have you had a chance to observe its evolution throughout the years?

RESPONSE: Oh, that is a hard question, I will probably have to guess around 2003/2004ish (about the time I resurrected on the C64 after many years). I've always liked Attitude magazine, good and solid content and some really nice graphics/music. Also the navigation is perfect for a diskmag IMHO.

TAPER: With the new engine in place, there has been a giant step in the evolution of this magazine. While retaining the simplicity of navigation, a lot of advanced features have been made available to us. It will probably take some time before even I grasp all the possibilities when writing articles. I hope you and the rest of our readers will appreciate this change as well!

That concludes the feedback chapter for this time. We would like to thank Response/Darklite for his valuable comments!


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