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At the end of the summer we finally bid you another issue of Attitude, this time number fourteen. There are a lot of current events that we will dissect in this issue, including news and rumours to be told. We also have a bunch of interesting articles to dwell in. We decided not to scrap the party report from Datastorm 2013, even if it's a bit dated by now. Don't worry though; there is a fresh report from BFP 2013 included too!

While this issue of Attitude hopefully feel familiar content-wise (in the best sense of the word), there have also been some rather radical changes since the last issue. First of all, Attitude no longer bears the mark of Oxyron, which means that this magazine is only published by TRIAD now.

The reason for this is that fellow editor DJ Gruby quit Oxyron earlier this year. In addition to this, I'm sorry to say that RRR decided to quit the scene totally and thus leave the magazine staff, meaning that no Oxyron members remained on board.

So, Attitude is now fully a TRIAD magazine, but DJ Gruby is of course still a member of the Attitude staff, but as an individual scener instead of representative of any group. In practice, this change will probably be rather semantically for you readers content wise, except for the sad fact that you won't be seeing any more graphics from RRR in the future.

Another change that hopefully is a lot more noticeable for you readers is the brand new magazine engine we're introducing in this very issue! While the old engine and interface was fine in its own right, we feel the new one is a major improvement in all areas. The new engine is also compatible with IDE64, so now you can run this issue straight from your IDE64 device as well, something no other disk magazine supports (at least to our knowledge).

The massive work on this was carried out by DJ Gruby, who did the design as well as all the coding. We hope this will strike a chord with you readers. It offers us a lot of new possibilities that we've lacked before.

Some of you might also notice that the charts are missing from this issue. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about them. However, we feel the current charts had become dated content wise, not reflecting the scene of today. We aim to bring back the charts in a future issue, but reworked and brought up to date.

As usual, we've got some help from our good friends out in the wild. A special thanks to Jammer/Exon/MSL, MCH/G*P, Dane/Booze Design and Celtic Design/G*P, who have graced us with exclusive tunes for this issue, in addition to the tunes by TRIAD members Ne7 and Abaddon. Also a big thanks to Cuc/Obsession for his graphical input, Bepp for doing some photo-magic on the editors' faces on the first page of this editorial, Romppainen for his Attitude logo and Itch for the neat intro. Great work, guys!

Finally I'd like to thank RRR for all his input and contributions over the years, both when it comes to this magazine and generally scene-wise. Good luck in the future, Timo!

I wish you happy reading, and don't forget to give us your reactions and opinions for our next issue as well!


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