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by DJ Gruby/Arsenic

The hires image you have seen on the previous page has been drawn exclusively for Attitude #14 by Cuc/Obsession. It is finally possible to embed hires and multicolour images within articles in our magazine. This is one of many improvements delivered within this new outfit, which has been completely rewritten after publishing issue #13 of our diskmag.

Welcome to this article explaining how to use the new Attitude engine. The new engine has been developed in the first months of the year 2013. The idea of this specific design had been bugging me for many years, and I was very happy when I had finally managed to find some spare time to implement it.

It is possible to control the magazine by either a keyboard or a joystick. In order to enter article selection menu, just press escape key or use joystick FIRE button at any time (expect when loading process is in progress).

Navigation through the menu is pretty straight- forward. Use left/right cursor keys or joystick to move between categories. Up/down cursor keys or joystick will serve you well on your quest to select a specific topic within an actual category. Pressing escape key will deactivate article selection menu and bring you back to a text reading mode (unfortunately, it is not possible to achieve the same result with a joystick).

Currently selected category and article will be highlighted using a color brighter than other titles. Pressing the RETURN key or using joystick FIRE button will trigger the loading process. An initial article page will be loaded and displayed first, so that you can almost instantly proceed with reading, while the rest of a text will be loaded and decrunched in the background. As soon as an entire article is available in memory, you will be able to turn the page.

Page counter visible in the bottom-right corner will indicate current page as well as maximum number of pages available in the current article. In order to turn pages use left/right cursor keys or joystick. It is also possible to flip text pages using SPACE/C= key combinations, just like you might have got used to, using keyboard keys in classical notemaker tools.

Magazine soundtrack may also be changed at any time, however to accomplish this you need to use keyboard keys. All digits beginning with 1 up to the last available tune number will load a new track from disk (this is possible while both reading an article or browsing a selection menu).

Hopefully these instructions will come in handy for you while browsing the new issue of our disk magazine. I also hope you will find this new engine easy to use and that reading Attitude will be a pleasant experience.


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