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GREP 2011 Party Report
by Taper/Triad

Dedicated to Terric/Meta - rest in peace!

I've never visited the line of GREP parties before, so this time I decided to go and see what Sk0vde had to offer when it comes to scene activities. Two more members from TRIAD were also supposed to attend, but CMP caught the flu and Cash couldn't make it, so I ended up the sole representative from TRIAD this time. For those of you unfamiliar with GREP, it's a smaller multiplatform party with most guests coming from the Amiga and C64 scene.

I embarked on the travel to GREP together with two local Amiga dudes, Shoe and Zimzum from the Amiga association Syntax Society. I took the train to Halmstad and from there teamed up with them to continue the journey to the party place. But first we did some stops to pick up beverages, snacks and other needed goods. After a few hours by car, we got a plead via SMS from Frost/Panda Design. He needed someone to help him buy some beer, perhaps he is banned from Systembolaget? Anyway, we granted the wish from a brother in need and then continued our journey.

We reached the party place that evening, and were greeted by Malmix/Fatzone (one of the organizers) at the door. After paying the entrance fee of a reasonable 100 SEK, with breakfast both on Saturday and Sunday included in the price, we started unpacking the car. The party place itself was some kind of community building with a large room for the party action, a kitchen and a toilette. Pretty similar to the place in Bjuv where TRIAD hosted some meetings in the early millennia, so I kinda had a flashback at first.

Quite some people had already arrived, but we got a good table and sat down next to Terric and Digix from Meta, who had their C64s all powered up. After all, I didn't bring a C64 myself this time as I partly had to go by train, so it felt good to keep close to a glowing blue screen.

This year around 30 visitors showed up for the party. Among them dudes related to the C64 scene were Malmix and Pezac from Fatzone, previously mentioned Terric and Digix from Meta, Morphfrog/ex-Hitmen, Frost/Panda Design, Bittin and myself. The rest of the crowd were Amiga freaks from groups such as Tulou, Nature and Traktor.

Computers that could be spotted at the party place were C64s, different Amiga models, two Sinclair Spectrums, one VIC-20 and one Atari ST. Actually, one of the Spectrum computers was the 128k model brought along by Shoe in an original box, and the first time I saw one of those in real. Beside more memory it has an actual sound chip (Sinclair went all the way for once!) and the tunes were pretty cool, although no match for the SID.

Malmix organized regular pizza orders with delivery, as the party venue wasn't located that close to any stores. Thanks to this starvation was completely avoided during the weekend. A few of us also had a bbq outside resulting in delicious burgers, although the weather was rather cold.

As usual, I was too lazy to bring an airbed with me, but luckily I occupied a part of the sofa and managed to get a few hours of sleep before it was Saturday morning and time to dig in on the free breakfast.

Later that saturday Morphfrog (who lives close to the party place) returned after sleeping at home, carrying his Vectrex console. Of course a lot of us wanted some true classic vector gaming and the machine was occupied for a few hours by eager players! Some groups were working on various productions for the compos, while others were working on their future hangover.

A scene-quiz was also arranged, with snapshots from famous demos on C64, Amiga and PC shown on the big screen and corresponding questions asked. Turned out I got quite a good score, although I wasn't the winner.

Late at night the competition started. Sadly, no C64 contributions were handed in this year, although Meta was close to complete an intro. There were some nice Amiga and PC contributions though, as well as graphics and music. I especially enjoyed one of the Amiga 1200 demos shown. Once the competition was over, a surprise compo was announced, the Gabber Music competition, with a short deadline. After a little while several hilarious gabber tunes were presented through the speakers to the delight of the crowd. Especially Bittin enjoyed this, as he freaked out on the "dancefloor" like there was no tomorrow!

However, there was a tomorrow, and after a few additional hours of sleep on the coach it was Sunday. After breakfast and packing the gear into the car it was time to bid GREP farewell for this time and head back home.

Although small, GREP turned out to be a very cosy party with a nice atmosphere, with the potential to attract more C64 sceners in the future. After being a guest at this party I can recommend it to other C64 sceners. GREP deserves our support!



It felt fitting to dedicate this party report to Terric/Meta, who sadly passed away recently. I've met Terric on quite some parties during the years and he always spread a kind and warm feeling around him. The first time was at Tribute 1994 and the last time on GREP 2011. It feels strange knowing that it was indeed the last time I was able to talk to him in person. He was also a frequent caller on Antidote, supporting the BBS for many years. I will miss you Terric, and many others with me. Rest in peace.

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