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Forever 13 Report
by DJ Gruby/Oxyron

It was the first time I had to travel more than 1000 km distance to visit Forever party, while at the same time my journey was much shorter and way more comfortable than ever before. Czech Airlines plane took off from the Hamburg Airport at 19:35 on Thursday evening of March the 15th, 2012. Arrived to Prague a couple of minutes too late to catch my next connection, however my connecting flight to Zilina turned out to be delayed as well, so there was no need to worry. While the total time of my trip to Trencin had used to be long hours, depending on the means of transportation I had chosen, by deciding to fly this year it was made pretty quick, lasting +/- 3 hours and then coming to Zilina, where Sudi was already awaiting me with his wife. Long time no see, so there was a lot to discuss, I was specifically very curious about recent events happening in the Polish C64 scene, and since I had been probably the least well informed person in the world on the topic at the time, Sudi shared with me all the interesting details he had been aware of. Plan was to sleep at Sudi's flat, and go to Trencin on the next day. We opened a bottle of Scotch I had brought with me from Germany and continued our conversation till the late night (or should I rather say: early morning) hours.

I cannot remember what time exactly did we wake up, could have been 10 or 11, however it was not a very long sleep. I didn't manage to have much sleep during my trip to Slovakia whatsoever. We had lunch in the centre of Zilina and soon after noon we were sitting in a car heading Trencin. We didn't expect much to happen at the party place at such an early hour, therefore the very first thing we did was coming up to pension Svorad and checking in. Our pension was located in the very centre of the old town Trencin, and luckily we got two rooms with a beautiful window view on the castle of Trencin (which looks truly magnificent while being illuminated in the night).

After quick shopping in the legendary Hypernova supermarket, we decided to visit Horna Suca, and see how the party was unwinding. Horna Suca is a tiny village at the end of road to nowhere, 15 km away from Trencin. After problems with the party place organization in Trencin, Forever had moved there two years ago, and this was the third year in row when an additional distance needed to be covered by event guests (however change of party place happened again and was announced a few days before the actual event took place this year as well). We recognized a few already known people, I said hello to our C64-division organizers: CreaMD/DMAgic, JTR/Protovision and Wotnau/DMAgic, then I had quick chats with Hungarian demoscene representatives: Poison/Singular, Leon/Singular, Cargo/Singular and Jailbird/Booze Design. For two reasons we did not spend much time at the party place on Friday afternoon. First because we were getting extremely hungry, second because we were soon supposed to pick up Splatterpunk/Vulture at the Trencin central station, who was coming by train straight from Krakow. We really wanted to stay in Horna Suca for at least another hour, however due to limited capacities of the only one pizzeria in the village there was no option for us to order a pizza which would be ready in a reasonable amount of time. Therefore we had to leave and eat an awesome dinner at another legendary Trencin place, which is known as Rotunda, a restaurant located just by the train station.

We picked up Splatterpunk and went straight to a pension. We were still waiting for Sebaloz/Lepsi De to arrive to Trencin, so we decided to stay at a pension, have a beer, and go partying as soon as Sebaloz shows up. He was also coming from Krakow, however he had joined car trip with the Atari/Spectrum crowd. Sebaloz had finally appeared at the exact moment we were already leaving our pension to go party. The night rolled on. We had a few drinks at Jameson Pub. We had a few drinks at Steps Club. Following the rule "what happens in Trencin stays in Trencin" I'm not revealing any details of our nightly escapade. We definitely had lots of fun. And a little bit of stress. But we survived.

Saturday morning approached me with a bad headache and a terrible thirst. Nonetheless, there were no excuses, we had to soon head straight to the party place. Although I had no water, I had fortunately bought a few beers on the day before, which temporarily quenched my thirst, at least for a moment before I could buy (even) more beers. Four of us appeared in Horna Suca shortly after noon, and even more party visitors were already there. I did not count the exact number of guests, however as I was later told by the organizers the total number of 65 visitants appeared at this year's Forever party.

Day two of the party was dominated by competitions. They did not disappoint the audience, a few remarkable productions were presented on both Atari and Spectrum. First thing I personally regret the most was missing the C64 graphic compo, and that was due to the fact that it started around 16 o'clock, exactly when our pizza order was delivered (earlier that day we went to the local pizzera in Horna Suca in order to secure our food supplies for the rest of the day). I did not consider it a wasted time however, since I had had an excellent opportunity to chat with a few good old Atari and Spectrum colleagues.

Sudi and Splatterpunk firmly insisted on publishing a movie starring Sebaloz that was recorded the night before during our nightly escapade in the wild compo, so that the whole crowd would hopefully burst out with laughter. Pretty tough stuff and tough decision as well. I hesitated, however assured by both guys that nothing really humiliating or shocking was "on the tape" (well from the perspective of today, now I would rather say it depends), and since Sebaloz used to do much more nasty stuff in the past anyway, I gave in and let them go for it. So we spent some time struggling with publishing the movie to YouTube, which was quite a nasty challenge considering constantly breaking wireless connection that was "available" at the party place. The whole effort resulted in missing quite a few competition entries presented in the big screen, and producing a little bit of distraction to others. And so it finally happened, upon short foreword by Splatterpunk was presented, everybody could see Sebaloz going crazy. His behaviour earned him a brand new nickname: Mr Potato. I wonder if it becomes accepted and widely spread across our demoscene community.

The movie itself was not that funny for the audience after all (probably due to Splatterpunk's preface not giving enough insights and context into what and why had actually happened). I was later told that presenting a movie forced Sebaloz to leave the party place together with us. Although he planned to stay in Horna Suca during Saturday night, it was too embarrassing for him as apparently nobody would anymore speak with him ever again. And so we left the party place continuing our tour of Trencin remarkable places, including dancefloors of Steps and girls of Black & White nightclub.

Sunday's price giving ceremony was (like always) perfectly conducted by Wotnau. Sudi and Splatterpunk seemed a little bit disappointed by significantly losing in the wild compo, however remembering both weariness and disgust of the audience on the previous day when our entry was presented, I was not particularly startled by the final outcome.

I had some final talk with Jailbird, trying out to practice some Serbian I had had learned recently. It is always good thing to check your language skills with a native speaker. I found out that I was able to properly communicate using these few learned sentences and was assured that my pronunciation had in principle been correct.

After the last few words with CreaMD, JTR, and Wotnau, it was time to say goodbye to everyone. The party was over. As of now it was my 10th Forever party attended in a row (year after year). Kind of a jubilee I have not realized before actually writing this report. It was fun, no doubt about that. Many well deserved thanks must go to the organizers of this memorable event. Look for separate chapters within this issue of "Attitude" for more information about Forever (other platform organizers' point of view as well as my discussion with CreaMD regarding the future of the Forever party series).

At this point I would also like to thank Sudi for picking me up at the Zilina Airport, providing accommodation in Zilina and Trencin, and transportation between all those places: I would not be able to make it to the party this year without your help.

Czech Airlines plane took off from the Zilina Airport at 5:25 to take me home on Monday morning of March the 19th, 2012. I enjoyed the flight very much and looked forward to arriving to Hamburg early enough to make it to work on time.

Thanks to everyone I met, exchanged a handshake and had shorter or longer conversation. I hope to see you all again in Horna Suca next year.


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