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The Charts
by DJ Gruby/Oxyron

Surprisingly (even to myself) Attitude disk magazine is still able to deliver a decent and influential charts chapter, even in the year 2012. All of this thanks to the crowd of fans supporting us every time shortly before a new issue is about to get released. This time the following 29 individuals provided us with their personal versions of the current top tens in the C64 scene, which then got added together and are presented now to your delight: Aegis, Allimac, Almighty God, Bepp, Board Rider, Cargo, CJ Warlock, CMP, Conjuror, Didi, Goto80, Hedning, Hydrogen, Itch, Jazzcat, Joe, Joker, JTR, Jucke, Lemming, Macx, Nafcom, Pantaloon, Ramos, Ruk, Sixx, Sledge, Tadpole and last but not least Taper.

Thank you all for spending a few minutes of your precious free time and so expressing your invaluable support for Attitude! Enjoy the charts and don't forget *YOU* as well are able to influence the final outcome of the charts by casting your votes early enough before Attitude #14 is out. You can do it conveniently using our online votesheet that is always available at the official Attitude website:

All votes got collected and the charts counted by early September 2012, less than two months before the most important event of the year, X'2012 party. Do you think that current rankings will significantly shuffle after the party?


1.(1) Booze Design 213 23
2.(2) FairLight 137 18
3.(6) Offence 128 16
4.(3) Crest 96 12
5.(7) Camelot 55 11
6.(9) Chorus 35 6
7.(-) Samar 34 5
8.(4) Resource 30 7
9.(11) Panda Design 29 4
10.(12) Plush 28 5

Top 10 promotion: Panda Design, Plush, Samar

Top 10 dropout: Arsenic, Glance, Xenon

Booze Design has been holding the leadership for so many years now that I cannot even recall when it actually started. There is still a huge gap between the leader and the second best C64 demo group, which is FairLight. Swedes are very closely followed by their neighbours from the north (Offence), a recent years' revelation.

The most painful fall must have been experienced by a Dutch crew, Xenon, who would have ended up in the 43rd place, if we had presented such an extensive list within this chapter.

An especially notable comeback has been made by Samar, a Polish based demo group that had celebrated its most successful era back in the late 1990s.


1.(1) HCL/Booze Design 187 20
2.(3) Crossbow/Crest 84 10
3.(7) Mahoney 75 11
4.(4) Krill/Plush 67 12
5.(6) Pantaloon/FairLight 62 10
6.(10) Cruzer/Camelot 52 8
7.(2) Jackasser/Booze Design 49 9
8.(5) Clarence/Chorus 37 6
9.(8) Oswald/Resource 34 6
10.(12) Hollowman/FairLight 22 3

Top 10 promotion: Hollowman

Top 10 dropout: Edhellon, Skate

Likewise Booze Design may seem not to have a worthy opponent amongst other demo groups, their leading programmer HCL clearly leaves all the competition far behind his back in the best coders category. Crossbow holds the runner up position, closely followed by Mahoney, rising impressively from the 7th place.

Not much shuffling has been observed in the top ten in the past year, Edhellon and Skate although outside the list now, are only slightly behind. And the only one demo expert that has entered the top ten (Hollowman) also did not climb a lot, he has just managed to collect enough points to move two places up. What I personally find a little bit surprising is no programmer from Offence in the list.


1.(2) Mermaid/Vision 124 16
2.(5) Joe/Wrath Designs 123 16
3.(1) Archmage/Offence 104 12
4.(3) Carrion/Elysium 74 12
5.(4) Duce/Extend 55 9
6.(7) Electric/Extend 49 8
7.(6) Leon/Singular 48 8
8.(10) Jailbird/Booze Design 40 7
9.(12) Deekay/Crest 39 6
10.(20) JSL/Creators 36 6

Top 10 promotion: Deekay, JSL

Top 10 dropout: Louie64, Sander

Finally a chart where some action is happenning. Archmage and Carrion are loosing their positions in favour of Mermaid and Joe, who both have nicely climbed to the top of our ranking. Seems like nobody was able to hold his/her position from the previous issue, some artists have gained recognition while others lost their hard-earned popularity.

Worth noting is JSL's rise of 10 places, which has been presumably due to his unprecedented level of activity. Despite of our rule not to vote for Oxyron/Triad members, people still have given their votes for Veto, who would otherwise be easily able to compete with the leading artists from the above list.


1.(2) Dane/Booze Design 96 13
2.(1) Drax/Camelot 78 8
3.(3) Jeff/Camelot 69 10
4.(4) Linus/Crest/Viruz 58 9
5.(-) Avalon/FairLight 32 4
6.(5) GRG/Shape 31 5
7.(-) Mr.Death/Genesis Project 29 5
8.(10) Wiklund/FairLight 28 6
9.(7) Randall/Arise/MSL 27 4
10.(8) Laxity/Vibrants 26 4

Top 10 promotion: Avalon, Mr.Death

Top 10 dropout: Jeroen Tel, Radiantx

Dane, whose exclusively composed tune is part of the soundtrack for Attitude #13, has made it to the top spot once again, securing his first place by collecting 18 points more than previous leader, Drax. Behind their backs Jeff and Linus firmly hold their positions.

Avalon has come to an impressive entry into the top ten, finally ending his climb in the 5th place. Mr.Death is another remarkable new-come to the musician charts, and also an artist who has provided Attitude #13 with his exclusive track (maybe his tune is the one you are listening to right now?). In order to make room for two new faces in the list Jeroen Tel and Radiantx unfortunately had to leave the top ten.


1.(1) Edge Of Disgrace/Booze Design 165 17
2.(2) Andropolis/Booze Design 57 9
3.(-) 2011 - A Press Space Odyssey/Offence 52 7
4.(7) Deus Ex Machina/Crest 48 6
5.(4) We Are New/FairLight 39 7

Top 5 promotion: 2011 - A Press Space Oddysee, Deus Ex Machina

Top 5 dropout: Snapshot, We Are New

Does it really require any comments? "Edge Of Disgrace" and nothing else... Booze Design's demo rules unquestionably! If that is not enough, runner up position was also taken by them.


1.(1) Vandalism NewsOnslaught+Wrath Designs 73 15
2.(-) Scene World/People Of Liberty 24 7
3.(2) Recollection 13 3
4.(-) SNPFCT 10 2
5.(5) Digital Talk 9 3

Top 5 promotion: Scene World, SNPFCT

Top 5 dropout: Game Over(View), Nordic Scene Review, Tiger Disk

"Vandalism News" is out of reach for others. We have not seen a new issue of "Recollection" for quite a while now, I guess that is why they have been overtaken by "Scene World".


1.(1) Nostalgia 71 15
2.(3) Genesis Project 34 9
3.(2) Onslaught 23 7
4.(-) Laxity 13 5
5.(-) Armageddon 12 4

Top 5 promotion: Armageddon, Laxity

Top 5 dropout: Avatar

Nostalgia has strongly secured its first position gained in the previous issue. Nice to see old teams from Laxity and Armageddon in the top five actively releasing new cracks again.


1.(1) 6R6/Nostalgia 39 9
2.(3) Zyron/Nostalgia 19 5
3.(2) Slator/Onslaught 18 6
4.(-) S!R/Nostalgia 13 3
5.(-) Tom-Cat/Nostalgia 8 2

Top 5 promotion: S!R, Tom-Cat

Top 5 dropout: Fungus

6R6 is leading the crowd, Zyron and Slator have swapped their places. It is worth noting that top five positions of the best cracker charts have been totally dominated by members of Nostalgia (best cracking group).


1.(4) Mermaid/Vision 76 9
2.(1) Duce/Extend 65 7
3.(2) Junkie/Extend 51 6
4.(3) Electric/Extend 43 5
5.(-) Serio/Obsession 7 1

Top 5 promotion: Serio

Mermaid has made her way to overtake the Extend's paper artist trio.

It is a real shame that there are not that many active cover designers left in the business.


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