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Scene News
by Taper/Triad

Quite a lot has been happening on the scene during the last couple of months, so let's get started with the usual news-roundup for those of you who haven't been paying attention...


It's 1997 and Armageddon released their last crack. Fastforward 14 years, and suddenly Armageddon makes a comeback! A pretty impressive comeback too, with six released cracks during the first half of 2011. Most interesting among the releases are "Super Pogo Stick", "Demoner Prv" and "Dunjon Battler Prv". Armageddon have certainly added some spice to the cracking scene again, and it was quite a while since an American group made their presence known.

Members: Moloch, Warlock


Archmage won the C64 graphics competition at Datastorm 2011 with his excellent picture "You. Here. Now." Granted, there was not much competition with only one more contribution (for once, the Amiga graphics competition actually contained more contributions), but the picture was a sure winner.

Meanwhile Raveguru relocated to Indonesia, of course bringing a C64 with him. However, it seems like reliable electricity and Internet faster than your old 300 baud modem is rare in Indonesia, so we advise Raveguru to save often and resort to text mode only!

Dane competed in the double screen compo at with a picture entitled "The Raven", which ended up at 6th and last place. Quite a stir occurred when it was revealed before the voting-deadline that the picture was wired from a well-known photo and a colored up 1:1 match to the original, with some people defending Dane while others switched on attack mode.

Also, Dane released a new version of the classic JCH Editor.

Members: HCL, Dane, Jailbird, Archmage, RaveGuru, Jackasser


Carrion came in second at the Forever C graphics competition with a preview of his picture "Rrion". It probably looked pretty damn finished to everyone else but Carrion himself though... Overall a nice picture featuring a slightly kinky version of Alice in Wonderland holding a mushroom. However, then Carrion decided to leave Crest behind and stay in Elysium and Miracles. Rumours claim this was due to discontent with the coders in Crest who didn't have time to support Carrion as much as he wanted to.

Crest also released NUVIEmaker v0.1e by Crossbow and Deekay, the first C64 based video editor. A novelty perhaps, but rather impressive and fun for those owning 1541U's or Chameleons, since a 16MB REU is needed.

Their graphician Ptoing suddenly left the group in the end of May. Rumours first claimed he also left the scene, but this was clearly wrong as he released several new pictures after leaving Crest behind. However, according to sources, Ptoing is unwilling to talk about why he left Crest, which in turn created more speculations about the affair. We tried to get in touch with Ptoing to clarify things, but he never graced us with a reply.

Members: Crossbow, Cyclone, DeeKay, Drax, Jeff, Joe, Linus, Mitch, S.E.S, TCH, The Syndrom, Xayne


There has been some membership changes in Dekadence lately. A new graphician named Bracket joined, while CCR, Maza and Tribe were kicked out due to inactivity.

They also released a neat invitation for "Dataparty 2011", a demoparty in Finland Dekadence is organizing in August.

Members: Ansichrist, Bracket, Britelite, Chaj, Fragment, Jaffa, LordNikon, Pinza, Player One, Proteque, Ricky Martin, Sanity, SounDemon, Spiikki, T-101



The FLT boys dominated Datastorm 2011 by winning both the demo compo and the music compo. The demo scoring #1 was named "Lash" and put together by Abaddon, Hollowman, Oxidy, Pantaloon, Louie64, Tempest and Wiklund (with additional help from Magnar). Wiklund, their newest recruit, was also responsible for the winning tune "Dunk Brothers". Wiklund might very well be the youngest C64 scener at the moment, so it seems FairLight got themselves a real jailbait!

Members: Abaddon, Bacchus, Dwangi, Hollowman, Louie, Maktone, Oxidy, Pantaloon, Puterman, Reed, Sledge, Tempest, Vodka, Wiklund, Zabutom



After their demo "Snapshot" (#1 at Breakpoint 2010) won the award for the best demo on an oldschool platform, the group decided to get right back to work. They started out making the C64 invitro for the "Main Party", but that party was cancelled. Hence some of the ideas, gfx and effects will now be repurposed for a smaller demo that Glance aim to release this year. They're also set on competing in the demo compo at X'2012. Some groups sure know to plan ahead!

Norvax is moving to the U.S., which hopefully will make the collaboration between Nightlord and him easier and stronger.

Members: Arcane, Datura, Endo, Hydrogen, Nightlord, Norvax


In the last issue of Attitude, we concluded that the rebuilt G*P was a very small group, even loosing last-man-standing Jucke as a member. Since then, G*P started recruiting in a speed seldom seen in modern times. First Sonic Wanderer joined as musician, followed by Sangre (webmaster), Uka (graphician), Mermaid (multi-talent), Mr.Death (musician), Bob (graphician), illm (graphician), and Shadow (coder, also in Noice). Then La-Style returned as well, who used to be in G*P before they disintegrated in 1994 when most members jumped ship to F4CG. He already made some releases again for the crew.

Granted, some of the new members still have to prove their worth to the group, but the rising activity of G*P is an undisputed fact. Releases have been plentiful, including demos such as "So Retro" and "Connected" and the excellent party bulletin "Isterreport".

As for cracks, no less than 13 releases made it out so far in 2011, quality ranging from "Time to bring back Bad Taste instead?" to "Hey, this was cool!". Too many to list them all here, but the very latest cracks released were "Frantic Freddy", "Hellball" and "Star Trek". Obviously, some of the originals are from GameBase64, though.

Still, quite an impressive track record, and it's good to see G*P on the move.

Members: Bob, hedning, illm, La-Style, Magervalp, Mermaid, Mr.Death, Sangre, Shadow, Sixx, Sonic Wanderer, Uka, X-Jammer, Zyron


Vroooom! Nostalgia totally kicked into a higher gear, releasing loads of quality cracks during the last couple of months. No less than fifteen (!) jewel cracks and one tool was put out, including classics such as "Head over Heels" and "Operation Wolf".

Of course, this demanded reinforcements, so Erhan, Hellboy and Tom-Cat were recruited to the group.

We know Nostalgia is working on some big titles at the moment, so there is definitely more to come!

Members: 6R6, Fungus, Ksubi, Archmage, Yoko Inc., Erhan, Hellboy, Tom-Cat


Three new one-file demos from Offence so far this year, "The End", "Meltdown" and "Pervo Sex Text 13". Among them, "Meltdown" stood out, not only as a comment on nuclear energy and the disaster in Japan, but because it was a perfect example of a well-done and rough industrial demo.

Members: Bjorn Rostoen, freQvibez, Groms, Killsquad, Kribust, Lowboy, Olav Morkrid, Pal, Perplex, Stein Pedersen, Waffel, Yup, Zaphod


It came as a shock to the scene when Jucke announced the terrible news that Poison/Oneway passed away. He died suddenly on the 6th of May, in Hanoi, Vietnam, while taking a nap after feeling a bit ill.

Oneway as a group might not have been active on the scene for quite a while, but Poison was an extremely important and integral part of the Swedish scene. As a skilled artist in real life, he treated the C64 as a digital canvas and had a totally unique style, no matter if he was working on a new bitmap picture or a PETSCII screen.

Poison belonged to the core of sceners in and around Helsingborg, with a long track record of scene activity, all the way from Zoom and Warrant to Vision and Oneway. He helped organize some of the Floppy parties, and provided graphics for the invitations. Apart from being an excellent artist, he was also appreciated for his kindness, taste for adventure and compassion for people.

The non-religious funeral was held in a chapel in Helsingborg on the 10th of June, where his family and friends gathered to grief and bid a last farewell. Present sceners were Jucke/Judas, Dino/Uprough, Taper/TRIAD, iopop/TRIAD and Skyhawk/Laxity. Not an eye was dry during the ceremony. At the memorial gathering after the ceremony, Polish food was served (Poison was of Polish origin) and Jucke played SID-music as well as showcased some of Poison's graphics. We miss you, Radek!

Members: Moppe, Questor, Skyflash, Zizyphus


As usual, we've seen a stable flow of releases from Onslaught. 15 cracks released during the last seven months, including the two latest titles for sale from Psytronik, "Sheepoid" and "Hyper-Viper"! We were also offered "Rock Paper Scissors Simulator", a game that would have fit right into Codemasters catalogue back in the days judging from the title. Latest releases made were "Jihad" and "Super-Ski", but just like some of the G*P releases they've been available on GameBase64 for ages. Slator did a good job, though.

Vandalism News #56 was also released, securing its position as the second-best diskmag in the scene. Mermaid's exclusive diskcover for VN#56 also deserves to be mentioned.

Earlier this year, at Isterparty 2011, Onslaught released their demo "FLT(heart)G*P", meant to function as a peace-negotiator between FairLight and Genesis*Project, as they still can't seem to get over the Rubicon incident. Hilarious release, thumbs up!

Conjuror won the old-school graphics compo at Flashback 2011 with his picture "Hyde Park".

Member-wise, no changes occurred during the last couple of months.

Members: Adam Morton, Almighty God, Conrad, Conjuror, Deev, Ed, Enthusi, Hein, Honesty, Jazzcat, Leming, Macx, Psycho8580, Scout, Slator, SounDemon, White Flame, Zzap69

BBS: Antidote [TRIAD+Onslaught HQ],


Since the last issue, Oxyron released the small demo "Bright Blackout" and contributed with the intro "Old Farts Dream" for the FB oldskool cracktro competition.

Also, in May Yazoo won the doublescreen compo at with a colorful piece entitled "A Kind of Magic". A well deserved first place for a fine picture!

Oxyron also gained a new member as Geir Tjelta decided to join as coder and musician.

Members: Axis, DJ Gruby, Fanta, Geir Tjelta, Graham, Peiselulli, RRR, Veto, Yazoo



After winning the mixed demo competition at EDiS Meeting 2 (without much competition, though) with "Corporis Cumuli", they released three tunes at various parties, best result was reached with the tune "End Stage - Final Challenge" by RadiantX, which scored 2nd place at Datastorm 2011.

The guys in Panda also organized a multiplatform mini-demoparty in Stockholm in early July, called Edison 2011. Here RadiantX released yet another tune, "Hungover Keyjazz" that scored third place in the mixed music competition. Nothing major was released at Edison C64-wise, but it seems like this was some sort of test from Panda Design to see if there is room for more parties in Sweden, so perhaps we can expect a bigger Edison party in the future...

Members: RadiantX, Klegg, Frost


In the beginning of 2011, TRIAD recruited Swedish C64 enthusiast Bepp as webmaster and supplier. As the TRIAD website was in desperate need of a serious update, Bepp has been working on a totally new site, to be launched on the 28th of July, on TRIAD's 25th birthday.

TRIAD was represented by a large posse at Datastorm 2011, as Taper, iopop, Itch, Spot, Ne7, Cash and Bepp showed up to have a good time in Gothenburg. The small demo "Fly Bird Fly" was released, and Dalezy contributed with his tune "Hydra".

Also a new graphician joined TRIAD, Sirols. He has a different background than most sceners, and while playing around with the C64 as a kid, he was recruited because of his abilities as a non-digital artist. Skilled at painting, drawing, sketching and photographing the analogue way, his graphics always exists as an analogue original, then converted to and touched up on the C64. TRIAD is clearly not afraid to explore new ways of getting content to C64 productions, as the recruitment of Sirols shows.

In April, Taper and Bepp rented a mini-van and headed from the south of Sweden towards Aakers Styckebruk and Jerry's house, the old TRIAD HQ. Reaching the destination, groupmates Sailor, CMP and Sgt.Pepper (Jerry's son) met up. The mission was to relocate the TRIAD collection to Taper's place. It was an emotional task of course, but it was Jerry's will to hand over the legacy. We also visited Jerry's last resting place to say goodbye.

After several hours of packing the van with disks and hardware and with a coffee break at CMP's house in between, the van headed for Sailor's old domains where the present TRIAD members had a little meeting in the basement. After the meeting, CMP realized he missed the action and decided to return to active duty for TRIAD again!

The next day it was time for Taper and Bepp to head back to the south of Sweden, and start unloading all the stuff at Taper's place. So, the TRIAD HQ is now officially present at Taper's place, in Bjuv.

At Isterparty 2011 in the end of April, TRIAD gained yet another member, when the musician Avalon was recruited. Known as a former member of FairLight and Wrath Design, Avalon has been working solo for a couple of years, but decided it was time to join a collective again.

A few days later, Salvage, a previously unreleased PETSCII text adventure from Livewire supplied by Bepp, was cracked and bugfixed by Sailor with documentation provided by Taper.

Twoflower scored second place in the double screen compo at with his contribution, "Cargo", featuring a shot from the movie by the same name.

Also don't miss the other TRIAD releases brought to you today to celebrate our 25th birthday! Head over to our new homepage to grab them!

Members: King Fisher, Cash, Twoflower, Tao, iopop, Taper, Spot, Ne7, Dalezy, CMP, Itch, Wiggen, Sirols, Bepp, Avalon

BBS: Antidote [TRIAD+Onslaught HQ],


Wrath Designs have, together with Onslaught, released two issues of Vandalism News so far this year. In addition, Ed and Joe also appeared at Isterparty 2011, where Joe released a fine piece of art entitled "Doll".

Members: Clone, Crimson, Djinn, Ed, Joe, Zealot, Stash, Savage


LCP 2011 is taking place in just a few days, starting on August the 5th. Held in the same venue as St. LCP 2008 in Lund, south Sweden. Several party features will be available, among them the data doctor Mogwai/Defiers who will fix broken hardware, Mason and MdZ (the transfer team) will show up to backup your disks and LFT will play his world-famous Chipophone! Be sure to check out for any last minute visitor cancellations in case you want to go but don't have a booked seat!

Hack'n'Trade have released a few productions recently, most notably the highly offensive "The Rotator", presented live at Isterparty 2011. Public outcry was immense!

In the end of April, Miracles released "Scizarrion", a graphics collection with art by Carrion. Originally intended as a Crest release, it was instead put out by Carrion's second group Miracles, because none of the Crest coders could pull it off in time.

Trap/Bonzai has been seen lurking around, could this mean he is actually trying to resurrect Bonzai again? Time will tell, it but would be pretty damn cool if that was the case...

24 years later, Hedning/G*P was able to get almost every production Software Of Sweden ever made! Ron of S.O.S. was kind enough to send 32 of them to him, and they are now available at CSDb. Other notable members of S.O.S. were Mogwai and The Dark Overlord, who both later ended up in Defiers.

Arise are celebrating 20 years on the C64 scene and preparing for Silesia 5. Also, Rodney made a comeback to the group after 13 years, and did some fresh cover art and music that will be released soon, along with "Arise #$10". Their demo-deposit ( Ars:Bodega is on-line and current memberstatus is: Bimber, Elban, Fenek, Flea, Kordiaukis, Luke, Lyon, Randall, Rodney, Wacek.

The multi-platform party Flashback was held on the 6th of June in Sydney, Australia. About 60 people showed up. Four C64 pictures competed in the old school graphics compo (Conjuror who won as stated before, Redback, Ziggy and cTrix), and two demos ("Digital Psychosis" by The Force and "Bits1006" by Bits) competed in the demo compo.

Excess recently put out the small demo "Animated Jeff", mainly put together by RHX. Excess current memberstatus is as follows: St0rmfr0nt, Rudi Hax (RHX), Tadpole, The Pro.

The talanted graphician Saehn/Style is still missing, for more than one and a half months now, after a car accident. A campain to help find Saehn is set up at:


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