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Dear readers, combined with the release of this issue our friends and partners in TRIAD celebrate their 25th birthday. Starting in the golden 80s TRIAD always managed to provide dealer quality software, may it be stunning, original and innovative demos and quality cracks. Whenever skilled members left they have found good replacements to keep the quality level high. This is an outstanding effort since there are not very much groups who provided quality releases on a regular basis all over the years. Furthermore we should not forget the involvement in the magascene business, may it be legendary productions like Illegal, Gamers Guide or today Attitude. They always managed to entertain us and sometimes they amazed us, too. With this short introduction I'd like to wish all former and current members of TRIAD a happy birthday, a big thank you very much what you have done for the scene all over the years and what you guys will do in the next 25 years. All the best from my side.

[RRR] Now let's continue with the reactions we have received.

[JTR] Attitude is an extremely good read. The news section is very well prepared and professional. You do exactly what I want from press: collect, compress and verify news. The Internet spreads information in bits, but requires such "moderation" to be digestible.

I was very surprised by the charts section. It convinced me that charts DO make sense nowadays, as it was full with new names and also the changes display the truth in the scene I think. Who would have ever thought that HCL would overtake Crossbow and Graham 10 or 5 years ago? And the fact that Glance has hit the charts with a number of members also shows that the charts are vivid!

I can't agree to the whining of "those few releases of today"-thing. I can barely keep pace with the scene and see all productions in time, because I think there are so many! And the quality of the releases in 2010 was absolutely fantastic. IMHO, the last years were among the best C64 years ever. Brilliant releases, many cool surprises, many newbies entering or maturing, and many cool guys from the past returning. And me getting a very bad consciousness for still not finishing my projects... By the way, I do not like regular mags. First, for me it is too much to read if the mag would be every couple of months and second I believe that quality rules over timeliness.

The Causeries section is also good. I liked RRR's explanation on how disk mags came about and what were the reasons back then. I personally like reading disk mags because of the C64 presentation. I feel good when I hear SID and see VIC and have easy control via the keyboard. This will never be achieved by any other medium.

And again I cannot agree to the whining - the content IS not in the Internet. Sure you can research everything yourself, find addies and news, but there you easily get information overdoze and cannot concentrate on one thing. A magazine brings topics to the point and presents them in a more structured way.

RRR's claims around data protection: on the one hand I agree, it should be in your hands whether or not you want your personal info (esp. name/addy) published. On the other hand, only few people would care to say yes or no. And if that means no data, that would complicate things a lot. Not sure which of the two is more important. This is one of the big unresolved issues of today and I welcome a (multi-sided) discussion around it.

Good to see a snailmail section in the mag. That is always a surprise. Thumbs up to everyone for keeping up snailmail. I feel tempted to join in again...

Coding tutorials are the one thing I prefer to have on paper, but Krill's tips are definitely cool. What I always have my issues with is how to do trigonometry on C64 best to draw waves or other non-linear forms. But maybe Krill has already covered that and I just have to read quicker...

The one thing I don't like about Attitude is that the music menu is not accessible from the articles and that you need to scroll down the whole menu to reach it.

And last but not least, thank you Taper for the words about Jerry. As hard it was for you to write it, as hard it is to comment it. What I can say is I liked reading it and it gave me a broader understanding of who Jerry really was.

Thank you all for the effort,

[RRR] And then he just continued with the following lines:

[JTR] Hi guys!

I have just voted and gave my feedback on #11. Thanks for the good work!

Now I'd like to add something: I am often confused by the TOOLS released in CSDB. They come with no or insufficient comments and it is hard to get an overview on what tool is good for what. I would appreciate if you could cover tool releases in the mag (maybe an overview plus a closer look at the best ones)!

Not sure if that is the kind of feedback you are looking for, but I thought I'd let you know!

Thanks & Regards,

[RRR] Wow. Two extended reactions which have been put in line to make things more easy. At first thank you very much for the time you spent writing these reactions. It's nice to see that our readers grapple with our contents.

Charts are always a very sensitive topic. What is the intention behind the votes used to compile charts? The skill level, actual popularity, sympathy or strategic reasons? Charts have always been discussed and will be discussed in the future, too. How many votesheets are needed to provide a significant charts chapter? 20, 50 or even 100? Does it make sense to provide such a chapter with less than 20 filled votesheets?

Regarding the numbers of releases I have the following opinion. I prefer five quality releases instead of ten weaker ones but on the other hand I prefer ten weaker productions instead of none. Do you really understand what I'd like to express with it? I'd like to give you a hint: it's the activity level. It's nice to see when people put out something on an almost thirty years old machine. Nobody is perfect right from the start. The result is always a combination of skill, practice and experience. If all the people complaining about the quality level would spend their time to create new productions instead of complaining, the activity level would rise. But it's ofcourse more comfortable to lean back, to write a few more or less smart words and to remain inactive. ;)

Data protection was and still is quite a sensitive topic. In my opinion even disk notes should be deleted from the disk images offered in the WWW. They were written 20+ years ago for a closed target group, and even in that small group for a much smaller circle of persons. To be more precise they were addressed to single persons. With projects like CSDb even non-scene related persons get access to these contents. Why? It can be compared to publishing someone else's e-mails or postcards without permission.

This is of course untrue that changing current music is not accessible from the articles. Ever since the current outfit has been introduced, there has been a possibility of switching music from within the articles by pressing number keys (1... 2... 3... and so on). You really do not need to scroll down the whole menu to reach it, this option is already implemented. ;)

The idea with the tool reviews is quite interesting. I'll discuss it with the rest of the staff. There are many interesting options how to realise and to present the coverage.

Once again many thanks for your feedback.

[Hedning] When I, thirsty and dried up, decided to jump back on to the scene train in 2009, after more than 15 years walking the desert of misery ("normal" life), Attitude #10 and #11 really helped me get back on track: informative and well written articles that feeded my needs of catching up. Thank you! It has a fresh and catchy layout, and a nice mix between shorter news flashes and longer articles. I was moved by Taper's memories about Jerry (RIP), and I love the tutorials. I would like more HW tutorials, though. There are a lot of obscure tweaks that we mortals still need to know. The best part of the mag, in my opinion, is "Causeries": analytic and interesting for sceners and non-sceners. Your work is inspiring. Keep the quality up, and the other mags have to follow!


[RRR] Thanks a lot for your reaction. We'll try hard to keep the quality level and perhaps we'll even raise it. Who knows? :) We hope you'll like the hardware tutorial in this edition, too.

[Morphfrog] Hiya!

Some reactions on Attitude, the article in the last issue about Jerry/TRIAD was very touching, well written!

I like the menu system of Attitude, smooth and clean, doing what it should do smooth and easy.

The articles are often well written and interesting, the regular tutorial section is a good initative, that makes Attitude stand out from the other diskmags. I always head for the scene news and charts section first in the new issues.

I have a weaknesss for technical articles, so the XU1541 article in issue #10 was interesting.

On the negative side, yeah I know there may not be so much happening in the scene that motivates a more regular realese of the magazine, but that would have been superb. :)

And at last a tip for the editors: what about an article in a coming issue with interviews with sysops from the more famous scene boards, and have them tell tales of how it was when there were highlife on the BBSes?


[RRR] 20 years ago more regular releases wouldn't have been a point worth to discuss. But today we are no teens anymore and don't have that much spare time left for scene related activities. Furthermore you have already pointed out the reduced activity of the scene, too.

Regarding technical articles and tutorials we hope to meet your approvals this time, too.

Since we try to cover all aspects of the scene interviews with sysops or any other coverage of the board scene is of course another good tip for future. We'll try and see what we can do.

[Nightlord] Attitude has been my favorite mag for a while, with my only complaint being the irregular schedule, but that is normal these days, so no big deal. I am gonna jump right into the feedback about the chapters.

First of all Taper's presence in the mag is most welcome for me. I love his terse and "to the point" style of writing. His work in the news chapter is really a big differentiator. Good journalism right there.

The two things that I most love about this magazine are the news and the charts sections. One possible improvement to the charts can be adding some commentary to the individual charts.

The articles about privacy and magazines were not too interesting for me. Privacy article was a bit hand-wavey and vague. The magazines one was I think probably more fit to be a blog post then a diskmag article. If it were a blog post readers could immediately comment on the questions posted, but in a diskmag i think it is unlikely that people will write back. And even if they did, it is still hard to keep track for the reader if they see the answers in issue #12.

I also have to admit that not seeing a demo review section was a huge disappointment for me. Especially given how much I loved the demo reviews in Attitude in the past and considering how much I looked forward to reading a proper demo review for Snapshot. Alas, shit happens. :)

Overall I enjoyed the issue. Keep up the great work on news and charts and I hope to see demo reviews back.


[DJ Gruby] For me, the main problem with adding dedicated comments to the individual charts is the fact that The Charts is usually the very last chapter I edit for a new issue of Attitude. When it's close to the deadline, thus being short of time, and with all the energy already gone after long hours spent on preparing the new issue. Although the process of counting the charts themselves is not so exhaustive any more, since it has been fully automated, there is still a lot of work to make the chapter look nice with all the reformatting and alignment stuff, which make it so appealing. And of course I always need to verify each vote first before the counting process, to remove Oxyron and TRIAD members from the summary, and make sure that inactive people do not suddenly pop up in the top rank. There is really some work to be done with it, as you can see...

As for the demo reviews, we know quite some people do miss them. We can't promise anything right now, but we're working on bringing that chapter back to the magazine again, so keep your fingers crossed!

DJ Gruby/Oxyron

[RRR] I'd like to add a few lines concering the blog post. The article about magazines was intended to be an experiment with the internal project name mag 2.0 and it's not too hard to guess where the name comes from - web 2.0. However, it would have been very interesting to receive answers and reactions from our readers to learn more about their ideas, wishes and visions towards magazines and in particular Attitude. With those hints you guys have had the opportunity to influence the content of future releases. It would give us a helping hand to find out what can be improved, what works well and what is missing. Unfortunately it seems too less people do really care. They consume and remain silent. Bad luck for them.

That's all about the reactions for this issue. We did not take care about the usual oneliners this time because we see this chapter as a chance to communicate with us, to give us valueable feedback and as a chance to optimize various topics. We can only point out over and over again that feedback is very important to produce a magazine like this. Please use this opportunity. Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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