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Forever 2009 Report
by DJ Gruby/Oxyron

It has been already one week since the jubilee the tenth edition of the famous Forever party got held in the town of Trencin, Slovakia. I am sitting here in front of my computer, motivated well enough to get this party report started and ready for the jubilee the tenth edition of not that much famous but still recognisable Attitude disk magazine. At first I was a little afraid of writing this article, as my memories about the party are shredded due to the usual mix of different beverages, which certainly were not milk ones. But thanks to the rich comments published by the Polish demosceners, who by the way had visited this year's party in quite a respected number, in the new Polish C64 scene forum established by Leming and Nitro, I have been able to piece together all of seemingly unconnected parts.

First of all I would like to thank the organizers for their whacking effort in organising such a great party for the tenth time in a row. Especially for the fact that two days before the party they had been informed by the party place owner that he had sold his property, and while a new owner had not been interested in respecting agreements signed by his predecessor, CreaMD and his mates had got left without the party place for Forever 10. Fortunately, they had managed to find an alternative location, and so the arriving visitors had not been being surprised with the notice of cancelling the whole event but only about moving it into another building (if I am correct it was some kind of a school, which has still been located very close to the "old" planned party place).

So how did all this started for me personally? Well, the party had kind of started for me long weeks before the March actually came. I had made a determination of finishing the first official preview of "Pieces 2" game, a game I had been working together with RRR for quite a while, and which had been becoming more and more finished off in the beginning of 2009. As you probably know I have managed to have it done in time, with a huge help from RRR (graphic artist), Kasmo (music composer), then JTR and MacGyver from Protovision (who had kept kicking my butt constantly, so that I could get to the actual work instead of wasting my time browsing the net). One week before the party I had known that we would be having the very first official presentation of our game in the big screen during Forever 10. Later it had turned out that we had even won the wild compo with our entry. What had been more important for me that after long years of ignoring competitions (which had not actually been ignoring this particular demo party, rather general laziness and not doing anything C64 related), I had finally brought something with me to the party. Still, I must say that it had been really though work coding "Pieces 2". And that was not because it has got some really sophisticated features or such, no. That was mainly because of the fact that return to the 6510 assembly after years of programming Perl might be a little difficult (especially for the fact I have never been a very skilled programmer). But okay, I did it. We did it. And for the first time since 2006 I had been leaving the party without that embarassing discomfort of being the part of the C64 scene as a boozer only.

The party itself had started on Friday, 13 March 2009. I had left my home in Krakow in the morning, arriving to Katowice about 11 o'clock. There I had met Raf/Vulture, and we had continued our trip to Trencin together, visiting a Polish supermarket on our way in order to replenish our food and drink supplies before we enter the country of Slovakia, which had became extremely expensive for us after converting its currency to Euro. Even though I had brought most of my food and drinks from Poland, when summing up my expenses after coming back home from the party, it turned out I had spent twice as much in Slovakia. Buying what? An entrance fee. A vignette. And twice a lunch. If this trend continues, I am afraid that Slovak will cry for lack of Polish tourists, as it had changed dramatically. A paradise is changing into a... May be not hell, but a very costly place to visit for sure.

I had promised myself that I would never go to the party again with Raf driving the car after we had almost collided with another car while going through the town of Cieszyn in Poland. Fortunately, it had all ended happily, and we had survived that nearly crash alive.

We had arrived to Trencin about 17:30. The first guys we had met outside the party place were Sad/Padua and PCH/Unreal. Entering the "new" party place we had noticed that quite a lot of people had already arrived, including guys from Hungary, Leon/Singular, Poison/Singular, Soci/Singular and a few others but I do not remember their nicknames. We had shaked hands with all of the present men. Then had a couple of words with CreaMD/DMAgic regarding last minute movement of the party place, and after listening to the explanations I had really thanked Roman for managing to organise a new place in such a short amount of time.

At that time we had been very hungry after spending several hours travelling long distance from Poland to Slovakia, so we had pushed a few Atari sceners, including Jellonek and Lisu, to go out and have a lunch together. We had not left too far away from the party place, as the Hypernova supermarket has been located around 300 meters from there. Most of us had eaten a "smazeny syr" (a sauteed cheese). Well, what else could you eat when being in Slovakia, right? It is a delicious national dish of Slovakia, I have never been to a country where this kind of dish would be so popular. It had been about 19 o'clock when we had got back, and we had got positively surprised by seeing old but familiar Polish faces of Sebaloz/Lepsi De and Killer/Fraction. These guys had not been visiting Forever party for a long time, or never may be? We had also said hello to other arriving Czech visitors, including LHS/Padua, Visac/Cult and Sigi/Unreal. Then there had been the usual and well known visitors: Ramos/Samar, Mr. Mat and Sudi. There had also been some new ones: Miras/Black Sun and Nitro/Black Sun. We had some entertaining chat together, I had especially loved Sebaloz joking all the time about not having any money, but working hard to earn some by selling free space on the floor, where one would be able to sleep. He had offered me to buy a place, where I could have my sleeping bag decomposed on a much more attractive conditions than the organizers demanded for the entrance fee (if I remember right it had been 12 Euros for him instead of 13 Euros entrance fee, hahaha). Then Odyn/Vulture and Splatterpunk/Vulture had appeared. It had turned out they had been in Trencin much much earlier than us, but when they had arrived the party place had been closed, and so they had to go sightseeing Trencin. I am not sure whether Booker/Onslaught and Leming/Onslaught had already been there at that time, but they had surely arrived to the party place somewhen in the Friday evening. These all men had caused that we had had quite a reasonable amount of C64 sceners visiting this year's Forever party, something I has not remembered ever since Forever 4 got held in the year 2003.

It had been about time for my first beer of that evening, which had turned out not to be the last one. Anyway, I had had to hurry, because together with Sudi and Killer we had planned to visit "100'C + Swan Bride + Billy Barman" gig in the Piano Club, especially wanting to see the very popular Slovak star Billy Barman live. A concert had been about to begin at 20 o'clock, so there had been very little time to hang around the party place.

We had paid 5 Euro bill for entering the club. As a cloakroom had been also chargeable, we had decided to leave our jackets and sweaters inside Killer's car, and then go back to the Piano Club. Fortunately, the distance between the club and the party place had been minimal (dozens of meters that had been). Anyway, it had been really cold outside, but as soon as we had put our clothes and closed the car, we had sprinted in our t-shirts to the club. The beer had costed 1 Euro. Quite much, considering two facts. First: almost as expensive as in the marketsquare in the centre of Krakow in Poland. Second: last year it had costed half that price (and it would have been the most you could have expected). I think I would not be mistaken if I say we had 5 beers there (each one of us). Yeah, and the concert had been really good. Billy Barman making a true rock show, he had known how to take advantage of his talent. That money had been well spent (I mean the entrance fee), all I can say.

After coming back to the party place I had not had much chance to stay there too long, as we had directed to the centre of Trencin together with Leon, Poison and Sebaloz. But just before leaving, someone from the Atari scene had been treating us with a "slivovitz", a fine drink from Poland (actually being a plum brandy).

The main object of our mission had been to locate a pub with a table football, so that we could have a match Poland versus Hungary performed. Finally we had reached Sport Hall pub, where our contest had took place. We had four or five games, but we had lost them all (hard to say now whether it had been me or Sebaloz, who had done wrong, or Leon and Poison, who had done pretty well). Till the very late night (or should I rather say till the very early morning, because we had finished partying at 5 o'clock) we had been having fun drinking and dancing in the local clubs. After being asked to leave Sport Hall (not that we had been running wild, they had just been closing), we had went to the Jameson Pub, and then later to the Stepz. Leon and Poison had left earlier, me and Sebaloz had stayed till the very end of our escapade. We had reached the party place back again at 5:30, and we had immediately fallen asleep. You should have seen Sebaloz sleeping fully clothed in his jacket. That was amusing, especially for the fact that it had been really warmth in the party place.

In the early Saturday morning (to be honest, it had not been that much "early" anymore) I had to have two beers to kill intensifying hangover, which had been increasing hard with every single minute. Two beers had made it, so that I had been able to continue enjoying the party. Together with Booker, Killer, Leming, Sebaloz and Sudi we had left the party place for lunch. The weather had been perfect, the sun had been shining, and we had been searching for a nice spot to eat something. After wandering around the centre of Trencin, I had took the lead and brought the six of us to the usual and well-known (to me) place, which name I cannot recall right now, but which one I had used to call on during my yearly visits to Trencin. That time I had not felt like ordering a "smazeny syr", so I had chosen to pick out more taditional food: broth and chicken with French fries. Delicious.

On our way back to the party place we had entered Hypernova and stock-piled several beers, because when the beer ends is even worse than when the party itself ends. Fortunately, after shopping we had had them enough in our inventory. Shortly after we had come back, the organisers had been asking people to leave the party place in order to collect money from the entrance fees. So we had stayed outside, and enjoyed drinking beers in the sun. When almost everyone had entered, we had also had to. Paid the price, and the wild compo had begun, followed by the music, graphics, 1k intro and demo compos for three 8-bit machines: Atari, C64 and Spectrum. I had had a chance to present "Pieces 2" to the audience in the big screen, and it had been a really lifting experience to receive an applause from over one hundred of visitors from different countries and different scenes. Thank you!

You all know the results of the competitions, so I guess any comments here would be unnecessary. Opinions have to be subjective, and that is a matter of taste whether you like a particular release or not. I believe the results of the compos have been fair, and all of the winners well deserved.

When the competitions had been over I, together with Killer, Leming, Sebaloz and Sudi, had left the party place and had found our way to the Jameson Pub, already known from the previous days binge. I must had been a little bit tired of partying all the weekend, so that time we had left the pub and went to the party place earlier, that had been 3:30 in the night.

On Sunday we had the pleasure of taking part in the price giving ceremony. It had happened in the very late morning, I think I had not remembered any ceremony being held that late in the whole history of Forever parties. Later it had turned out that it actually had not been taken that much late, it had appeared to me that way bacuse practical joker Sebaloz had made me a hoax by shifting hour hand of my watch backwards. After that last point of the party program had been finished, we had been about to leave the party. We had said goodbye to all the remaining visitors, packed our stuff to Raf's car, and hit the road towards Poland. I had been back home at 20 o'clock on Sunday.

Forever 10 had been a really great party, I had had a lot of fun, both C64 and non-C64 related. I believe that most of the visitors had done too. A huge thanks have to go to all of the organizers for making it happen! I am already looking forward to the next year's Forever party. Hope to see you again!

Best regards,
DJ Gruby/Oxyron.

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