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Cover Reviews
by Zapotek

Hello and welcome to the cover reviews chapter. Today I will take a look at some of the latest covers released in the scene. There is not so much activity in the cover scene today, but still some artists do covers now and then.

The covers are now mostly spread on the Internet only. Many of the covers that's been registered on the CSDb have got over 200 downloads, what proves that there's still an interest in disk covers.

I guess we will see more disk covers with colors in the future as most people do have color printers now. It shouldn't be a problem to make color covers anymore. Back in the 90's it costed a lot to make color copies. I made a color cover back in 1994, but I wasn't able to afford more then 4-5 copies of it. One copy costed something like $4 at that time. The covers in the future will probably mostly be made for productions like demos and disk magazines and spread on the net and on parties.

For 2009 I have three covers that I would like to review...

Cover for Vandalism News #50 Gold Edition [2009]
by Duce/Extend

For many years Duce have released amazing covers and this one ain't any exception. Side A is called "Ahab gotta catch the fly". What looks like a monster fish stretches out a tounge where the Vandalism News logo appear. There are fish bones around, leaves, plants. The background is filled with circles. It looks great. On the backside we see more leaves, circles, some eyes and what looks like a giant explotion. The dotting technique is great. There are small details everywhere. This must really have taken a lot of time to draw. An amazing cover. Score: 9/10.

Cover for Vandalism News #50 Gold Edition [2009]
by Junkie/Extend/Doom Patrol

Another cover for Vandalism News, this one by Junkie. Made in his classic cartoonish style. As usual he uses his very accurate dotting technique. On the front we see a cactus, some cartoonish figures, one cowboy riding on a horse skeleton, one guy with a tennis bat. On the back there's a guy with a drill in his head, a large cool mushroom in the backround, and a Vandalism News logo of course. Not his best cover ever but still a very nice cover by Junkie. Score: 8/10.

Cover for Deadbone/Hype [2009]
by Deadbone/Hype

On the front we see a large Deadbone of Hype logo, a planet, UFO and an alien. The planet is very well drawn, the logo is okay too. The backside is completely empty. Score front: 5/10. Score back 0/10... Total score: 2,5/10.

And that's pretty much all I could find that was released last year.

Now let's take a look at some covers released earlier...

Those Sober Days [2007]
by Duce/Extend

Drawn without any sketching... Abstract cover from Duce here. Mushrooms, eyes, monsters, skull, naked angel man, man with a hat and lots of more things here. Looks like it is drawn a little bit quicker then most of his covers. Still very good. Score: 7,5/10.

Der Gummel coop cover [2006]
by Duce/Extend and Junkie/Extend/Doom Patrol

A cover made in black and white + red color. Duce and Junkie released this coop cover at X'2006. Duce has painted the frontside (we see a girl with red hair... Beautifully drawn as usual by Duce). On the backside Junkie have drawn a Monster figure which sits in a wheelchair. There's some red text written with a calligraphy pen on the black background. It works very well. I think this must be one of the best covers ever released. Go get it from CSDb and print it out! Score: 9/10.

Free The Monkeys A.K.A. Vandalism News #44 cover [2005]
by Serio/Obsession

Downloaded over 400 times from the net. This is the latest cover I could find from Serio. A great artist that released lots of covers during many years. In the front we see a snowy city with houses and a vehicle with driving, looks like he is out catching monkeys. We see 4 monkeys in and around the windows of one of the houses. There's a little Vandalism News cover in the right corner. In the backside we see four monkeys again trapped in glass cages. There are many scientists around. Serio's technique is great, a combination of dots, lines and black and white contrasts, showing that he mastered all these techniques. The floor on the backside is done very well and give a nice perspective in that room. Come on Serio, make another cover! Score: 9/10.

And that was all for this time. If you want your cover reviewed for "Attitude #11" then send it to me in e-mail to or by snail mail to: Sveinung Bergkvist, Bordvegen 2, 3800 Boe, Norway. I will be back with this chapter if I get enough covers to review.


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