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Scene News
by Taper/Triad

Time to sum up the latest happenings and news on the scene again!

Don't forget to provide us with rumours and nasty gossip, we have eager ears and love to evesdrop...



After winning the demo compo at LCP 2009 with their newest demo "Andropolis", produced in coop with Instinct, the guys in Booze also graced us with an intro collection before the year was over. Containing old intros by HCL and Garvin from back in the days, but put together as an unforgetable intro bonanza. We're still wondering when Garvin will return back to active duty, though.

Members: Dane, HCL, Jailbird.


Crest has been following up their successful graphics collection named "Crest Slidestory" at LCP 2009 with a whole streak of graphic releases. No less than 8 single pictures and a small collection entitled "Carrion's Oldschool Pixels" has been put out during the last months of 2009. Fine work indeed, but we still await another demo...

Members: Carrion, Crossbow, Cyclone, DeeKay, Drax, Jeff, Joe, Linus, Mitch, Ptoing, S.E.S, TCH, The Syndrom, Xayne.


After winning the demo compo at Breakpoint 2009 with their excellent "Das Gotler", they put out a really small production, "Sori Pojat" in August. After that, things have been rather quiet in Dekadence, although SounDemon is supposedly still working on his PETSCII enabled telnet terminal program, "Skyterm".

Members: Britelite, CCR, Chaj, Fragment, Jaffa, LordNikon, Maza, Pinza, Player One, Proteque, Ricky Martin, Sanity, SounDemon, Spiikki, Tribe.



We didn't see any releases from FairLight during the whole 2009, which kinda made us worried. Sledge has been seen on Antidote from time to time, but other than the heated clash between Oxidy and Ed/Wrath Designs at LCP 2009, the FLT members have been awfully quiet. However, at Datastorm 2010 in early February all that changed for the better!

A bunch of FairLight members showed up at the party, including Bacchus, Hollowman, Pantaloon and others. They won the demo compo with "One Little Wish", coded by Pantaloon and Abaddon, with music by Zabutom and graphics by Louie. This means the return of both Pantaloon and one of the finnish FLT'ers, as well as the recruitment of the well-known Amiga graphician Louie (also a member of The Black Lotus on Amiga). Maktone competed in the music compo with his entry "Datastorm", ending up in sixth place, and Zabutom won the music compo with his "Song 263". All in all, quite an impressive comeback for the FLT'ers!

Members: Abaddon, Bacchus, Dwangi, Hollowman, Louie, Maktone, Oxidy, Puterman, Reed, Sledge, Tempest, Vodka, Zabutom.



When Genesis*Project was dissolved in 1995, Jucke was the only remaining member, refusing to abandon the group. 14 years later he gets some company again, when Sixx returns. The main objective was to co-organize Datastorm 2010 in Gothenburg, but they also recruited Swedish coder Magervalp, so let's hope to see something more from them in the future. Without doubt, Datastorm turned out a success. Rumours say that one half of The Ministry, Jayce, might come back too. Time will tell...

Members: Jucke, Magervalp, Sixx.


As mentioned before, Instinct and Booze Design won the LCP 2009 demo compo with their coop demo "Andropolis". At Datastorm, Archmage ended up in third place in the music compo with his contribution, "Riding The Datastorm". We hope to see more amazing stuff soon, and perhaps also a new version of "Guruterm"?

Their inactive graphician Univerz has been back in Sweden for quite some time, after living in Australia, but wheter he can be persuaded back to active duty again is uncertain.

Members: Archmage, Jackasser, Raveguru.


Onslaught started out 2010 with the release of "MiniDon Preview", a cute promising platformer. Next up was "Heartlight 64 Preview", an upcomming conversion coded by Enthusi with neat visuals and playability. The new hellfire crackintro by Honesty was utilized on that release. Zzap69 competed in the music compo at Datastorm with "Data Of The Damned", which ended up last in the results, but him and Macx did a good job promoting Onslaught at the party anyway.

Members: Adam Morton, Almighty God, AMB, Booker, Conrad, Deev, Ed, Enthusi, Hein, Honesty, Jazzcat, Leming, Macx, Scout, SounDemon, Stash, Vengeance, WHite Flame, Zzap69.

BBS: Antidote [TRIAD+Onslaught HQ],


Oxyron has been rather productive since they came in at third place with "3DEH" at LCP 2009. Oys, Veto and Yazoo have contributed with some nice artwork, released at various parties. The last day of 2009 was graced by Oxyron in cooperation with Resource, when they released the polished demo "Cute Overdose". The demo won the mixed competition at MiniMo without any hassle as competition was weak, but the quality of the presentation would have made it a fierce competitor at any party.

And to round things up, Oxyron has obviously restarted publishing "Attitude" again...

Members: Axis, DJ Gruby, Fanta, Graham, Kasmo, Oys, Veto, Yazoo.



Padua hasn't exactly been going strong lately. A few minor releases during 2009 and one picture released so far this year, but we hope for more. Alias Medron is showing his skills as an artist, let's just hope he gets some backup from the other members too soon!

Members: V, Aggressor, Alias Medron, Anonym, Case, Chaotic, Cupid, Hoogo, Leonardo, LHS, Lubber, Sad, Unlock, Waz, Weasel.



Panda Design have established themselves as a small but very creative and productive Swedish group. A steady flow of graphics and music releases is coupled with interesting demo productions. At Datastorm 2010 they released the demo "Patterns" which ended up at third place, worked on by RadiantX and Frost. Panda Design follows the trend to recruit from other platforms, and Frost who joined them last year is also a member of Tulou on the Amiga.

Members: Frost, Klegg, RadiantX.


Before christmas, TRIAD firstreleased the fullprice game "The Wild Bunch" from Psytronik. Actually, two versions were put out, since Psytronik tweaked the game shortly after commencing initial sales. Also an old previously unreleased submarine simulator, "U-101", was released, which Taper managed to obtain after raiding a fleamarket!

Sailor briefly returned from retirement as TRIAD and Onslaught made a coop release of "Bubbler", a GTW find obtained by Jazzcat and worked on by Sailor. The game was available on the ZX Spectrum, but the almost complete C64 version was canned. In early January, their BBS Antidote experienced a crash, but was brought back online by sysop Taper in just a few hours without any data being lost. Also a new version of "C*Base" was installed, courtsey of official "C*Base" maintainer and owner Tao.

In February Taper, Iopop, Spot, Ne7 and Itch attended Datastorm 2010 where TRIAD released their latest musicdisk, "Manifold", which was also presented on the bigscreen. After a few years of inactivity, Wiggen is also getting back on track to work on some graphics for the group again.

Members: Cash, Dalezy, Iopop, Itch, Jerry, King Fisher, Ne7, Spot, Tao, Taper, Twoflower, Wiggen.

BBS: Antidote [TRIAD+Onslaught HQ],


There's not a whole lof of action from Wrath Design these days, but they still do show up from time to time with nice products. Beside their demo "Allen Mussen Machina", released at LCP last summer, they are still heavily involved in the production of "Vandalism News" together with Onslaught and also put out some graphics from time to time.

Members: Clone, Crimson, Djinn, Ed, Joe, Zealot, Stash, Savage.


There will be no Floppy or Little Computer People (LCP) party this year in Sweden. One of the main factors is that Frantic/HT is busy finishing his scientific paper, but hopefully he and the other organizers will plan something for 2011 instead!

Back in 2008 people were shocked when they learned that Danzig, former member of groups such as AFL'70, TRSI and X-Rated, had joined the infamous group Crypt. Most sceners, including Danzig's old friends, wondered if he had lost his mind, and Streetuff/TRSI even refused to speak to him anymore. "Attitude" can now reveal the facts behind why Danzig decided to take this bold and controversial move, joining one of the most unpopular groups ever and staying for about half a year. As it turns out, Danzig closed a deal with Troublemaker that he would join and release some old demoparts for them if they in their turn stopped cooperating with Wanderer ("the dumbass Canadian", to quote Danzig). However, the cunning plan to isolate Wanderer backfired when Crypt didn't keep their promise, and thus Danzig immediately left them.

A new Turkish group called "RETURN" has been formed, and they are searching for more members. Current members are: Aegis, Joker and Commander64. Their webpage can be found at

Ascraeus, also from Turkey, haven't done anything useful since 2007. Now they are supposedly back, Joker joined them and they're preparing to release the fifth issue of their diskmag "Palladium". We believe it when we see it, guys... Members: Aegis, Joker, Caisson.

Lepsi and Miracles teamed up and released the demo "BSOD" at Silesia Party in the end of September 2009, winning the demo compo. As only Sebaloz is still active in Lepsi and Zielok the last remaining member in Miracles, we will most likely see more cooperation between them in the future. Rumours claim they are working on a new demo, for Breakpoint this year, and that Carrion/Crest will again support them with graphics.

There was a demo party in Istanbul, Turkey, called "7D9", between the 19-20th December 2009. 162 visitors showed up, which is a new record in Turkish scene party history. 7D9 was the 8th party in these series, and its previous record was 92 visitors. Web:

Samar released "Mandelbrot Madness", a presentation for those keen on fractals. Pretty fast with a SuperCPU...

Arkanix Labs put out a new version of their leveleditor "Cartograph", currently weighing in at version 1.3.



1. One Little Wish/FairLight
2. White/Dual Crew
3. Patterns/Panda Design
4. C64MP3/Mahoney
5. Snowstorm/Ancients
6. The First Demo/Zombie Infected Dreams
7. Universal Intro/SIDwave


1. Song 263/Zabutom
2. Techno Aha/Goto80
3. Riding The Datastorm/Archmage
4. Come Close To Me/Rambones
5. Nostalgi/Magnar
6. Datastorm/Maktone
7. What Time Is Love?/Ne7
8. Birdburner/Frantic
9. Nar Jag Var En Liten Pag/Jucke
10. Data Of The Damned/ZZAP69


1. Gloves On!/Malmix
2. Datastorm/Magnar
3. Liseberg/Judas
4. Crystal Jaune/Iris
5. Feskek0rka/Judas
6. Year Of 1337/Macx

Releases outside compo: TRIAD/Manifold (music disk), SNPFCT #2 (diskmag).

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