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Film Reviews
by Zapotek/Axelerate/Phantasy

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the film reviews. Here we'll review some of the new films, plays in the theatres or new ones on video.

The reviews here are written by me (Zapotek) and the scores are just my personal opinion.

Let's check it out!

"The Sixth Sense"

genre: thriller/horror/drama
starring: Bruce Willis, H. Joel Osment
released on: cinema

This is the film about a little kid, who can see dead people. Bruce Willis is Dr Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist that tries to help the kid. After seeing this film I couldn't get it out of my head for 3-4 days. It makes you thinking a lot after seeing it either you want or not. It's important to don't know too much about this film before seeing it. Rating: 8/10.

"Big Daddy"

genre: comedy
starring: Adam Sandler, Kristy Swanson
released on: cinema, dvd

Another comedy from Adam Sandler and company. Sandler is Bobby Coufax, a 31 years old kid that adopts a five year old child. This film is not Sandler's best, but not his worst. A good comedy and that's it! Rating: 7/10.

"James Bond - World Is Not Enough"

genre: action
starring: Pierce Brosnan, Denise Richard
released on: cinema

Another Bond-film. I watched it with too high expectations, then got very disappointed. The story in this film is very very thin. Pierce seems to be uninspired and it looks like all he wants to do is get the film finished, so he can get home. And the Bond-girls are just like last time: big disappointment. Some interesting action-scenes does that this one makes it to a rating of 4/10.

"End Of Days"

genre: action
starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger
released on: cinema

New year 2000, the devil comes to the Earth to find a girl, marked when she had been born, to be a mother of his child. Arnold plays the hero, who tries to fight the devil, and protect the girl. This film is a big mess. Make it violent and use a lot of computergraphics doesn't improve things. Any better. Plus about this film is the cute newcomer Robin Tunney. Rating: 3/10.


genre: comedy/drama
starring: Tobey McQuire, R.Witherspoon
released on: cinema, dvd, vhs

David and Jennifer (brother and sister) get zapped into a tv-serie. The show is called "Pleasantville" and is in black and white. Books are empty, there's no toilets etc. And everyone do the same things every day. The people think that Pleasantville is the only place on the Earth. This was a weird but very good film, professionally made... And good actors. Score: 8.5/10.

"Never Been Kissed"

genre: comedy
starring: Drew Barrymore, David Arquette
released on: cinema, dvd

This is a high-school comedy about a undercover reporter, which starts in high school again at the age of 25 to make some articles for her newspaper. I've seen this film three times and i really like it. You can almost get a bit embarrased by the main character Josie, played by Drew, as she is sometimes totally jerk. David Arquette was also very good in this film. Rating: 8/10.

"Cruel Intentions"

genre: drama/thriller
starring: Ryan Phillipe, R.Witherspoon
released on: cinema, dvd, vhs

Ryan Phillipe plays a rich guy that doesn't do much else then trying to get in bed with as many girls as possible. Reese Witherspoon plays the girl that don't want to get in bed with anyone before she's married. They meet and the drama starts. This is no thriller as written on the cover, it's more a drama. Some nice music and a beautiful Reese Witherspoon save this film. Points: 4/10.

"Storm Of The Century"

genre: thriller/horror
starring: Tim Daly, Colm Feore
released on: dvd, vhs

A stranger enters the town and kills one of their old inhabitants. The weather is getting worse and worse and it's snowing like hell. They get the guy inside jail, but the problems don't stop. This is another Stephen King film, it lasts for totally four hours. After watching this film, I'm sure you get the feeling that it's snowing outside. One of King's best. Rating: 7.5/10.

"The Waterboy"

genre: comedy
starring: Adam Sandler
released on: cinema, vhs, dvd

Adam Sandler is Bobby Bouncher, whose job is supllying the football team with water. After getting teased too much by the players he explodes and attack one of them. The coach of the team gets impressed by his tackle and want him to play in the team. The only problem is his mother, who doesn't want him to play football. This film is quite like his golf-film "Happy Gilmore". 6/10.


genre: action/triller
starring: Sean Connory, C.Zeta Jones
released on: cinema, vhs, dvd

Sean Connory plays a thief that can steal the most hard-to-steal objects. Catherina Zeta Jones plays the investigator that's going to get him caught. But then it seems like she isn't an investigator but a thief, and Connory works for the police, or does she just trick him or or... Bah, this film was bad. The cover looks good, and that's it. Rating: 3/10.

"Best Laid Plans"

genre: thriller
starring: Reese Witherspoon
released on: cinema, dvd, vhs

A new thriller Reese Witherspoon starred in. Together with her boyfriend, her character tries to set up one guy, so they can steal him some expensive stuff. This is an okay thriller with a nice cast. Points: 7/10.

"The Mummy"

genre: action/thriller/comedy
starring: Brendan Fraser
released on: cinema, dvd, vhs

A new remake of an old film. This film was a big dissapointment. A typical Hollywood-film with too thin story and too much money. Points: 3/10.

"The Horse Whisperer"

genre: drama
starring: Robert Redford
released on: cinema, dvd, vhs

A young girl get injured in an accident when she's out of riding on her horse. The horse get badly injured as well, both fysically and psychically. The girl's mother decides to bring the horse to a "horse whisperer" (starring Robert Redford). I really liked this film, it was realistic and had a nice story. Great scenery and good actors. Points: 7.5/10.

"The Negotiator"

genre: thriller/action
starring: Samuel L.Jackson, Kevin Spacey
released on: cinema, dvd, vhs

Samuel L. Jackson plays a cop that got arrested for a murder of a cop that he haven't done. He senses corrupt cops that want to take him down, so he takes some of the people that works on the police station as hostages, till he can find out why the cop really got murdered This was a surprisingly good action - thriller. The story is quite simple but still it was entertaining. Points: 8/10.

Let's have a look at the scores:

1. Pleasantville 8.5
2. Never Been Kissed 8.0
2. The Negotiator 8.0
2. The Sixth Sense 8.0
5. Storm Of The Century 7.5
5. The Horse Whisperer 7.5
7. Big Daddy 7.0
7. Best Laid Plans 7.0
9. The Waterboy 6.0
10. James Bond 4.0
11. Cruel Intentions 3.0
11. End Of Days 3.0
11. Entrapment 3.0
11. The Mummy 3.0

That was all reviews for this time. More will come in the next edition of "Attitude"!


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