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Axicon The Story
by Firefox/Axicon

Dear readers, it's Firefox of Axicon again. Today I want to tell you all about my group, from the beginnings till now. If you're sick of this kind of informations, then just leave this article and choose another chapter.

The whole thing started in June 1998 as I still was in Velvet Underground together with many inactive members of that group. Only a handful of guys like Taxim, Snoky, Floyd, Brainsmasher, Exin, Bleze and me were still active and we tried to keep the group alive. As slow as the name Velvet Underground was found as fast came the death of it. Only two weeks after the group was new formed, it splitted into many pieces. I didn't want to sink with the ship and so I founded AXICON together with Snoky, Taxim and Exin.

Then we had to introduce ourselves to the scene as the new formed group. I coded a dentro called "Axiconie" with a strong soundtrack by Taxim and some gfx by myself. That dentro wasn't a shocker, but in our eyes it sufficed to introduce ourselves. The first step was done, but it shouldn't past much time till the first trouble come up. Exin, our graphician, spreaded out negative vibes because he told much bullshit about the other members. He was like a flag in the wind and supported every opinion. :-) The storm we sent out was too strong for him, so we cut it short and kicked him out of Axicon.

That was a good decision for the group. We were just only 3 members anymore, but we worked well together. The fact Snoky and me were coders, had let me slept well. In Taxim we had an excellent musician, so the only thing we missed was a good graphician. We shouldn't wait any longer.

It was Taxim, who proposed to team up with Brainsmasher. At that point I didn't saw any of his works and I was a little bit doubtful to carry him abroad. My doubts were unprooved and I was surprised with his works I got. So the team was complete again.

Some weeks were past and we released a disk with cracks of mine. Brainsmasher supported me with the first Axicon logos, which I used in the crack intros. We started to talk about some serious projects like a diskmag, gfx and msx collections. If my memory serves me right, it was in the end of October 1998 as I started to prepare a structure for diskmag. Snoky and Taxim decided to work on Taxim's Deinonychus-Msx-Collection, which got released in November 1998 while Brainsmasher and me concentrated on a gfx collection, which should be released in the January 1999. Somewhere in my brain I kept this minds about diskmag I wanted to realise. I coded a trailer, where I announced to release the "PREMIUM" mag in late December 1998.

The gfx collection had no longer priority. I ordered Snoky to code the mag system for "Premium" and within two weeks I got it promptely. Don't forget that Taxim and Snoky were also working on that DNS collection at the same time. So, I decided to work as main editor for our mag. Till that time I was only a consumer of mags like many others and I had no experience in writing texts, only notes. :-)

My pioneer spirit became fast broken and I strucked my flags. I called up Taxim and Snoky and transmitted them that I'm not able to do all the work alone. It was a very strange call I had with both of them and on the horizon appeared black clouds. I had no good feeling after the calls. Two days later I got the sending from Taxim, where he explained why that him and Snoky left Axicon. That was a big shock for me, cause this bad news reached me from one to the other day without any warnings from their side. I was angry and frustrated about their decision. The magsystem they took with them of course, but I didn't want it any longer, too.

Taxim and Snoky founded Banshee and they released their "Xenoglossy" mag with the magsystem, which was planned for "Premium". I had no reason to grumble, because it was Snoky's code... That's life, but I never thought to give up with Axicon. That all happened from the middle to late December 1998.

So, Brainsmasher and me were the only members in Axicon at that time. I would say that it was the worst time for us. We defered the release of "Premium" to early 1999. In the meanwhile Brainsmasher and me came back to the gfx collection, which we talked about. We released "Psychodelion" in January 1999.

Call it fate or call it fortune, in January '99 I read through German "Tiger Disk" and found the address of Mr.Tec. As I always was on searching for new contacts, I decided to write to him, too. We swapped and talked a little bit about this and that. I told him about Axicon and my plans to release an own mag and so on... He offered to help me with the code and I was really happy that I found someone, who was interested in such kind of work. Many coders are often not in the mood to help someone.

That were really strange days, coz wheel began to spin. I asked RhobaQ/Draco, my good friend and swapmate, to join Axicon. He was also pixeling some gfx from time to time and he sent them to me for judging them. He always did a great job as graphician and he agreed to join my group.

Mr.Tec got more and more interest of the mag and supported me with many updates of new magsystem. I offered him to join Axicon and he didn't consider much time and also teamed up with us. But it should become still better. Checky/Panic was also interested in helping me with the mag, because he was not very lucky about his inactive group, I guess. Checky also jumped abroad and Axicon counted then five members.

We all worked hard together on the first issue of "Premium". Brainsmasher and RhobaQ supplied the gfx, Mr.Tec finished the magsystem, Checky coded the intro and I worked as main editor with other members' help.

It was the day 1st May 1999 when the first issue of "Premium" was released. We all were satisfied with the premier edition of the mag and the wheel spinned round. Issue 2 and 3 followed in two month steps and I stopped swapping since February, because mag editing took much time and work. After issue 3 releasing, I came back to the swapping buiz' with more or less success.

Now it is December 1999 and we're still five members in Axicon. Everything is running well and we plan to release our first megademo on the Symposium&Mekka 2000. In January 2000 we want to release the tools' collection. The fourth issue of "Premium" will be available at the Symposium&Mekka party together with our demo. Those are our plans for near future. We don't consider about other projects right now, but we go on and on...

We in Axicon will be as long active as there are freaks out there, who keep the spirit of the C-64 alive.

That was the story about Axicon. I hope I didn't bore you too much with its. Greetings to all our friends and contacts! Have a nice day.


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