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World Of Covers
by Zapotek/Axelerate/Phantasy

Hello everyone and welcome to this chapter about the cover scene. I know that a quite similar chapter to this has been written earlier, but things have changed quite a lot since then so I decided to do this chapter anyway.

This is not a review chapter, but a list of coverdesigners that's been active over the last decade. I haven't listed everyone, who released a cover in here. That would be totally crazy. I've picked out the ones making the best covers.

The list consist people from around 1992 till today.

Before that time there were also some skilled and famous coverdesigners like for example Gotcha and Elegance. But I don't know enough about them to put them into this chapter.

The list is written in alphabetical order.

ALG/SAMAR (Poland)
A skilled Polish artist that's been around for some time. Typical for Alg is that he combines dots and black-white contrast on the same pictures. He released a really interesting album called "Mind of a man" about a year or two ago. I've not seen any covers from him for the last couple of months.

I haven't seen many covers from this artist, but the ones I've seen are of quite high quality. He uses very common dotstyle. I haven't seen any releases by him since last year.

He released some covers with very high quality on 1997-98. Especially the cover he made in the end of December 1997 was good as far as I know he haven't released anything in 1999.

Bren's done some ok piccies over the last years. But lately he have only made some computer made covers.

A good artist that put out some covers during the ninetees. Now he haven't released anything for some years.

He was one of the first coverdesigners I got to know of. He released a lot of covers of various quality. Best of all I remember the cover he did for group "The Indigents", a piece with a jungle motive (that's made in 1993). It was the best cover at that time I had ever seen. To bad he's left the scene now and haven't released anything for many years

Famous Polish scener that also edited the magazine "Mish Mash". He slowly got better and better in coverdesigning, but when he had got real good, he left.

Duce entered the coverscene around 1993. In the middle of the ninetees he released a lot of high quality covers. Almost all of them have a bit bizarre motives with nude girls. Most of his covers are made in larger scale then reduced. He uses all techniques in drawing (dotting, lines, black-white contrast etc.) perfectly together. The last cover from him was released at the Zoo 1998 party in Finland. He's still around as he arranged the "Cover of the Millenium" at the end of 1999. It will be fun to see if he gets anything released again.

This German artist made one of my all time favourite covers. The cover was for Acidchild/Taboo. The frontside consist of a logo and on the back is a big eye and a maan standing on the ground with his hands up. If you haven't seen this cover, this don't say you much, I guess. Earthquake dissapeared from the cover-scene some years ago.

Probably the most famous cover designer of all. He has released quite a lot of interesting piccies through the years. Especiallly I like his cover "Biotechnical Extenticus". I think it's his best cover and one of the best covers ever. Electric's last cover was released at the Zoo 1998 party in Finland. But he is still around and will probably do something in future.

Fx had)his great period around middle of the ninetees and did many high quality covers. He's a member of the Finnish cover-group Doom Patrol. He uses a lot of lines in his covers and not so much dots as other artists. He also uses large black-white contrasts, which works fine.

A very talented Yugoslavian artist, who released some covers over the last years. His new cover done for Manik is a nice piece of work, where he mainly uses the dotting technique. I hope to see many new pictures from this guy in future.

Junkie has been one of the most famous cover designers. He didn't release a lot of covers every year, but he's been around for a long time and put out a quality cover now and then...

I especially like his cover for Flash Inc (the one with the turtle)... And his camel cover for Skyhigh with his very accurate dotting technique. It isn't hard to see if the cover is from him or not.

This Slovakian guy seems to have stopped making covers now, what is a pity. The last cover I have seen from him was for the group "Citadel" and was also a nice piece of work.

Another member of Authority cover group. I haven't seen to much from this guy, but what I have seen was quite nice. He uses mainly the dotting technique, his covers seems to be a bit messy, but nicely done.

Serio has been around for some years and provided us with high quality pics. His style somewhat reminds me about Electric's style. Serio's latest cover was released in December 1999 for the group Arise.

One new fine artist from Finland. Sin-1 has made some quite interesting covers for last years. Dotting is main technique he uses. An artist to look out for.

A new coverdesigner, who has provided us with some ok covers for last years. I'm very impressed by her hand writing on some covers. I've never seen anything like it before, it almost looks like it'd be typewritten.

One of the most popular Polish designers in the middle of ninetees. He released many high quality covers, but has stopped now.

I have not seen many covers from this guy, but what I have seen was nice. His style is unlike most others. He don't use the dots, just pure black and white contrasts. As far as I know, he is not active any longer.

Another Polish artist, who entererd the cover scene in the mid of ninetees. His style is quite messy, but still nice and interesting. He won Cyclone's B cover competition some years ago.

TRISTAR/REBELS (Czech Republic)
Tristar released some high quality covers in the middle of the ninetees. He is not active any longer.

That's all. Sorry to all guys, who have not been mentioned here and may be should have been...

At the end of this article I would like to mention some guys, who have done much for the cover scene without making covers themselves: Dr.Soft, Centrax, Human and Neotec.


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