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Einstein Speaks Out To The Scene
by Einstein/WOW

Dear magazine reader!

Once upon a time there was a booming scene. Nowadays, we must be happy if there are still some "decent" demos, graphics or even musics to hear, see I enjoy. Nevertheless, me as oldtimer won't give up the fight. I want you all to start thinking about HOW we can solve this lack of wares. Maybe we can cooperate some more to think of things to boost up the activity level of our scene. Parties are still a place where stuff is released, although we can't be too proud of the quality sometimes. Nevertheless, it's something to build on.

We must accept that this scene has been declared dead (some years ago), but the truth is not the same. For me we are in a cryogenic sleep... We are there, but just frozen. I hope someone could find the firestarter...

I also hope some magazines would take charge and would be one of the leading forces behind the return of this scene. I'm an idealist to say this all, and I'm aware of that, but look upon yourselves and say... This C-64 is NOT worth all the work, effort, etc. Well, then you quit. The excuse of being inactive has been used so much. It's true, it's not easy to stay active year after year. But let's face it. If you have the talent... USE it. Don't waste it. I have seen a lot of people come and go, and when they reached so called top, they simply quit. It's so depressing to see all those talents go...

PC... Yes, one of the "killer" of C-64. Internet... Same story. But why not using PC as slave? Look what AEG did. He managed to use (abuse?) his PC to its fullest to help this scene with his demos. I can't say I'm the biggest fan of all his work, but still...

Anyway, don't tell me it's impossible to make demos/intros like the good old fun demos by Scandinavian teams... Hell, there is still so much to do. But nobody seems to see or want to do it. A lot of projects die like an unborn child...

I feel a bit responsible also. I haven't been a perfect example of "a real scener" either, but at least I took and take charge of what is now one of the biggest "scene" groups... I am a happy guy, proud of my group and ready to turn the century page with ALL my friends in WOW and out of WOW... I hope all of you want to give their best to make it a living thing again...


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