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Interview With Commander
by Cactus/Axelerate/Samar

Outside the C-64 scene he's interested in movies, music, he likes tropical fishes and driving his car... He has been active in the C-64 scene since 1983 year, mostly known as swapper. He hates scene wars, he thinks they are stupid.

He is founder and the main organiser of well known C-64 scene group ROLE. He can be the only one... COMMANDER/ROLE.

? - interviewer, Cactus/Axelerate/Samar
! - interviewed, Commander/Role

?: Hello Serge!

!: Hi Pawel!

?: Could you introduce yourself?

!: Of course I can. Let's have a look at me. I am a married man, who's 34 years young! I'm married with Icegirl/Role. I have very dark brown (almost black!) hair, brown/green eyes and I'm 1.75m tall (little...?). I started my scene-life in 1983. I work in a car-factory (Ford) and I live in a small city called Genk (in Belgium). I'm interested in my wife, computers, movies, music and tropical fishes.

?: Okay, let's go with the basic part of this interview. Why is 34 years old man still interested in the C-64 activity?

!: Well, the C-64 made my life more exciting! I simply like this computer and I'll be always loyal to this machine. Do you really think that 34 year is old?

?: Of course I don't! You know... I feel very young, so...

!: I feel very young too. And I like the fun of the C-64 scene! Long live the C-64!!!

?: Right. Do you like going to the copy parties? How many parties have you visited?

!: Yes, I like to go to copy parties! I've been going to many parties through all those past years. Many scene guys have seen me, even in Poland! I've been to copy parties in Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Austria, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Spain. The best copy parties at the moment are the Symposium&Mekka (Germany) and the North Party (Poland). In the past I liked very much the Venlo Meetings (Holland), the parties in Eddersheim (Germany), the Crazy-Stardom Party (Switzerland) and the Atom Party (France).

?: You're the leader of Role group. Have you ever been a member of any other scene crew in the past?

!: Yes, I've been a member of Guardian Angels (Belgium) and I've been the leader of WOW (Belgium) for one year (1992, I was leader of Role and WOW at the same time).

?: Well, please tell us the short story of your group Role... How did you found it? And how is your group going today? How many members are there in your group and why?

!: Well, me and Knightrider (he left the scene) built Role in April 1989. Role is the short name for Raiders Of The Lost Empire. In October 1996, Role decided to crack games together with WOW. Before, the cracking happened by Role only. The coding work still happens under the Role label only. WOW and Role only crack together. In the mean time Role has a section on C-64, Amiga, PC and PSX. Role goes very well lately. This year we brought a few demos and some diskmags. I think there are about 40 members in Role on C-64.

?: Your latest C-64 scene project is "Starcompo". How did you get the idea to organize such an interesting competition?

!: Well, I thought that the scene could use some more activity outside the copy parties, and it is also stimulating for the C-64 mail-scene. Let's wait and see who will win this demo-competition on C-64... I hope more people will do some activities outside copy parties.

?: I know you like tropical fishes. Do you have any fishes at your home?

!: Yes, I have Malawi-Cichlids (from Africa), a kind of robber-fishes. I have 3 aquariums at home.

?: Say something about your scene activity on Amiga, PC and PSX.

!: I mostly organize Role on Amiga, PC and PSX. But I'm trying to do also some gfx on these machines. I have no time for real swapping on these machines, but my organising will help the group also.

?: You work as assembler in the Ford Factory in Genk. How did you get this job? Are the earnings high? And can you call yourself a rich guy?

!: I got this job with some help from my friend Effy/Guardian Angels and my family. I don't earn that much money. Belgium is getting poor. Everything costs more and more every year, but we don't earn more money every year. Belgium is getting a sad country.

?: You love films. Which titles are your favourite ones?

!: My favourite films lately are The Matrix, Starwars Episode One and Event Horizon. The Matrix is for computerfreaks, Starwars for the science fiction fans and Event Horizon for the horror-lovers (horror in space!). I like all kind of movies. My favourite films all times are Terminator 2, Ben Hur, Spartacus, Alien 2, Alien 4, Twins, The Saint and Volcano.

?: You think that scene wars are stupid mostly because of past conflict between Role and Legend. How became into this conflict? And how did it finish?

!: Many people have asked me about the war between Legend and Role. Well, it all started when Legend tried to kill step by step all smaller groups in Belgium. Legend threatened many people and many groups in Belgium left the scene because of Legend.

That's why the scene in Belgium is that little since 1989. One day, Legend tried to do the same with Role. They threatend me and so on... They thought I was a young guy and they tried to get me scared. But I wasn't that young as they hoped and I threatened them back. I said that those stupid things had to stop. And you must know how it helps when you beat someone very hard. That's how this war stopped. No other group has been threatened in Belgium since that time.

?: Okay, what can we expect from Role in near future?

!: Of course many more products and some more issues of the diskmag "Arachnophobia". But also "Rock'n Role" will appear after a huge delay. Now, we're planning a digi-collection called "5" and a demo called "Look At Me II". We also plan a CD-Rom with all Role-products on it! And may be some more cracks will appear from WOW+Role. I also hope that Starcompo will be a succes.

?: Why did you decide to release all your cracks in co-operation with WOW?

!: The cracking scene is going down. Together you can fix more cracks. The organisation of WOW and Role are very good friends. And suddenly me and Einstein/WOW decided to go in cracking co-op. 1997 was the best year for this cracking co-op.

?: Your favourites now...

!: * demo group - Crest, Smash Des.
* cracking group - Laxity
* coder - Crossbow, Aeg
* cracker - Didi, Sorex
* graphician - Deekay, Vip
* musician - Jeff, Mitch&Dane
* swapper - Tomz, Faayd
* cover designer - Junkie
* demonstration - Krestology
* disk magazine - News Press, Domination

?: And now you have an opportunity to say anything you want...

!: Anything I want?

?: Yes.

!: To all guys/girls in the scene: do more inside the scene itself than only at copy parties. I send you all my greetings... And keep the scene alive forever!!!

?: Is it everything? So thank you very much for this interview!

!: You're welcome. It was a pleasure to me. I'm very curious to see the first issue of your mag.

?: Bye!

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