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Interview With Walker
by Cactus/Axelerate/Samar

He has been active in the C-64 scene for 10 years. He was a member of groups like Strato, Oneway, Warrant, Paragon, Light, Deicide, Active and Genesis*Project...

He's 23 years old and he's security guard in his real life. He likes women, computers and music best. Every C-64 scener knows him as one of the best swappers... WALKER/F4CG/NOSTALGIA/REM.

C - interviewer, Cactus/Axelerate/Samar
W - interviewed, Walker/F4CG/Nostalgia

C: Hello Jonas!

W: Hello mate.

C: At the beginning say something about yourself.

W: 23 years old caucasian male.

C: You are member of three groups. This is quite a few, especially because all of them are known as cracking groups. Don't you think is it too much?

W: No. F4CG has been my group for past five years and I think I will stay in the group until the end of days. In Nostalgia I got a lot of personal friends. Remember is really active in cracking, and I got some good friends there, too... Being in three groups suits me just fine.

C: Okay, tell me please why 23 years old man is still interested in C-64 activity (I mean you)?

W: It has been my major hobby for the past 10 years, and will probably be for a long time to come. I must admit that it ain't turn on as much as it used to be, but a few hours a month do I still spend in front of the blue screen.

C: You are 10 years in the C-64 scene. You can tell us then what changed from that years when C-64 was the most popular computer in the world.

W: A lot of people vanished. Probably into a normal life with school, work and family. The software producers found out that other platforms give better income. I can't blame them.

C: You're well known in the scene as swapper. Every time I can see your handle on the top. How do you do that? And how do you find to feel like doing swapping today?

W: Well, I send out every now and then with the latest I leeched of the net. How I feel? Well, it takes so little time these days. Copying with reu and cable takes a few seconds, so it's no big deal.

C: You are also organiser. Does it mean you are leader of one of your groups?

W: No. I try to push people to do things. Don't work that good any longer though.

C: I am Pole, so I can't keep myself from asking you: what do you think about today's Polish C-64 scene? And which country is your number one?

W: Still good demos come from your country. It is very cool that Elysium is back on an active phase. Number one? Don't have one.

C: That's nice you appreciate "our" trouble. What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have any favourite bands?

W: I listen to most music besides hiphop and other ebony crap. Rammstein is my number one right now.

C: You live in Sweden. How is life in Sweden like? Just tell us something about your country.

W: It's like any other western Europe country.

C: Your biggest succes in the C64 scene?

W: No idea.

C: Okay, your favourites now...

W: * demo group - Ash & Dave
* cracking group - Triad
* coder - Crossbow of Crest
* cracker - Mr.Z
* graphician - The Sarge
* musician - Zyron
* swapper - Derbyshire Ram
* demonstration - High Priority by Contex
* disk magazine - Domination

C: You can say anything you want now...

W: Dues mortes est!

C: Is it everything? So, thank you very much for this interview!

W: You're welcome.

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