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Interview With Intruder
by Cactus/Axelerate/Samar

Did you know him? You should... He has been famous C-64 scener, fast and active megaswapper for many years... He had his Commodore 64 from 1984 year. He is still doing a lot of things for our scene, for example he's managing German mailing list for C-64 sceners.

You can meet Intruder/F4CG/Remember, my good friend and swapmate...

C - interviewer, Cactus/Axelerate/Samar
I - interviewed, Intruder/F4CG/Remember

C: Hello Stefan!

I: Hugh!

C: At first tell our readers something about yourself.

I: I work as chimney sweaper - just a few hours nowadays as I have two other jobs beside this one. The first is leader in a union here and the second is a little PC-shop. The PC-selling finds its roots on the 64. Without this great little machine I wouldn't have the knowledge and will to make it real. I bought the C-64 in August 1984 and lamed around for years. In 1986 I noticed the spirit of scene the first time. I started re-cracking and ripping demos and such funny things we all did. Then a guy called me up and asked about joining as little coder in his group. So I joined MCA. The Mega-Cracking-Association had a good contact to ACE, Beastie Boys and Asia. I had just started swapping at that time with some guys from those groups and found out that my real scene job is swapping as I always liked it to write notes and to get sendings from foreign people.

At that time I also had contact with Genesis-Project in Sweden and was short before joining them as swapper but... failed (more about later). We visited the Radwar-Party in 1989 (MWS was even a good contact to one of us) and got busted shortly after in 1989. The point of leaving the scene was reached for me.

For years computers didn't get in my interest anymore but in 1993 I got a broken leg and had to stay at home from the work. What to do the whole long day? I found the C-64 and restarted the machine.

Some days later my girlfriend brought the magazine "64'er" and I found two addresses init from people, who wanted to swap some stuff. I called them up and cleared some things. The one from Berlin wasn't a scener (what has been one of my questions there as I wanted to join the scene from the re-begin on), but the other guy was. He sent me some things and I found the diskmag "Tribune" with many advertisements. I took the mag, copied some disks and spread them to about 180 people at once (hell, the postman looked, hehe) as contact sendings.

Two weeks later I did the same again with about 120 people and many of these 300 people wrote back (not all of course) and... here we are. In two month I had more than 100 active contacts and joined then Atlantis, Trance, Alpha Flight, Excess and Avantgarde and never left them until the end. After that F4CG and Remember have been my groups and I'm still in both groups active.

C: Well, you're 29 years old guy. I'm always asking about it, because it is always interesting to hear sceners' answer to this question: how do you find inspiration to be still alive in the C-64 scene?

I: Nowadays I'm really just alive in the scene. In the past, while swapping with nearly 300 active contacts, the scene was my life (I didn't have a shop and the job in the union at that time). But nowadays more and more friends left or got lost somewhere and this makes it very hard for me to be still active. It's very calm in F4CG, but in REMEMBER still some releases come out. I remember times when in Avantgarde four disk sides in a week got released and I had a hell of a job to do as swapper and supplier.

C: Well, what do you think about beginners and young people in the scene? Do you believe we can get some young blood in near future?

I: Still in each sending I find some new contacts (while the old ones left scene) and this is something, which makes me wondering about the scene of C-64. I cannot imagine how, but... It's really funny. The future of them is normally a short way. They leave much earlier than old guys, who grown up with the Commodore.

C: Out of the scene you like motorbikes and cars. What does it mean?

I: I like driving and the technical things in these machines. I have been in the motorcycle club (The Kodiaks) here for many years, but I left them in 1999 because of the lack of spare time I had. Some years back I built up my motorbike completely new (choppper-bike) and it was a great hobby for me.

C: Do you have your own motorbike or/and car?

I: I drive a BMW 328i Coupe, a Peugeot 205 (for working) and a Mazda 121 (for selling PC's). My motorbike is an Intruder VS 1400, which brought the inspiration for my scene handle once.

C: Your first job in the C-64 scene is swapping. How many contacts do you have and how fast swapper are you? Who were your best contacts ever?

I: Nowadays only 20 contacts are left from these herds of pals I had. I just kicked one person in my whole scene life (from the Airwolf-Team since he talked shit about my group) and the others just left or lost inspiration. I send out all few month (in earlier days I did this every day of course) with groupown wares.

Derbyshire Ram, Splatterhead, Calypso, Bizarre, H-Bloxx, Robocop (I bought his equipment lately), Quiss (yes, he has been one of the fastest ones) are great names, which remember me on some hundred contacts. Every guy of them had even two sends each week between us.

C: You also supply orriginals. How do you get new orriginals these days?

I: Back I bought the orries from my contacts (mostly Polish or other foreign dudes, who couldn't sell the game because of the German languague and laws to the German big magazines) and sold them to "CP-Verlag", "64'er" or "ASM". The money I earned got 100% to the supplier of the game but we in Avantgarde got the first release then. Nowadays you just buy some old orries (what is another way) since there aren't programmers left. Beside this the new games today simply suck and there aren't crackers needed anymore for them.

C: You have been C-64 user since August 1984. What have changed from that time when C-64 ruled the world?

I: A biiig discussion, a big theme, but I just spoke already about. Many things changed but I still get this feeling while opening a new sending. The old men we are nowadays are involved in computers mostly and this is, what once found its roots in the scene. Still I have the calls from a sceners each second day and such a great friendship still exists from the old times on (Jack Alien, my best scene friend ever, Robocop, the whole Avantgarde Crew...). Ha! A little story: one day Bizarre called me up as he hacked a new Voice-Mail-System and some calling cards. Some of the VMB boxes have been free and I remembered an Avantgarde-man, who lived about 150 km from me and was inactive. In Avantgarde we, German members, had each day a phone call (Deff, Jack Alien and me) as we three together with Derbyshire Ram have been the active group Avantgarde at that time. I just served the others beside Deff and Jack with new stuff here and there and the inactive-men seemed to me worth a call. I told the one inactive about the VMB-System and gave him a box. So we called each day for free and as he is a guy, who is very friendly and open minded, we spoke two hours each day together. He learned me how to understand a PC for example (at that time I haven't known the difference between 386 and 486 and never typed anything on a PC) and I learned him the scene of that time, he told me about the scene in older times and so on. I sent him a 1541 Floppy Drive and he restarted thinking about the scene. I took him with me to "The Party" in Denmark and "X" in The Netherlands since I organized some little bus trips to those parties. Nowadays he organizes the trips and is very deeply involved in the scene. We can still see us here and there (visiting) and he built up his firm "Crazy-Avantgarde" in Munich. His name is: Weasel and we are both in Genesis-Project PC.

C: You had some problems with the police, which stole your hardware. How did that come about and how did you solve that problem?

I: In 1989, shortly after that Radwar Party in Hainsberg, a guy got busted while answering to an announcement in a magazine "64'er". A trap! He gave the police his addybook and... here we are. They just took my equipment at that time (never got it back, seems a child of those police lamers still has my C64 at home). The troubles with my parents have been... You can imagine this by your own.

C: You are managing mailing list for C64 sceners, but not so many sceners know about it! Could you tell us something more then?

I: I do some Internet sites here and there and at I get everything paid. I thought by my own why not to open a mailing list and opened one for my friends, some chimney sweapers, some more friends, Genesis-Project, Remember and some others and came to the conclusion that many sceners still want to have a contact to each other (I get a lot of e-mails nowadays). So I started a mailing list for sceners. As there are already many English languague lists, I did one for the German languague only. Today about 40 people are in this list and it's a funny thing. If you are interested, just mail me: Intruder and I will get you in.

C: Can you tell us something about your private life?

I: This year I will marry my girlfriend (we are together for 10 years in the summer 2000) and I am one of the luckiest people on Earth, I think, hehe... I have all I want and reached many targets, but still have to thank the scene and the C-64 as both of them have been very important thing to reach all these things!

C: What kind of music do you prefer? Which are your favourite bands?

I: I listen to the Bloodhound Gang, Pink Floyd and the Matrix themes. Deep Purple is still one of my favourites.

C: So, now you can say anything you want...

I: This interview seems to be one of the last ones, I will ever give since the scene dies more and more. Pity, but it's the way of life. Just speak to me, dear readers, if you ever meet me at the party (I will visit SymMek and the Radwar Party this year). We could have a nice chat time. If you think you are reliable person and you write some notes, send me your contact sending and you will get the answer for 100%.

Stefan Flachenecker
Regensburger Str. 5
90537 Feucht

(also for some PC swapping)

I never steal your disk and I never write mass notes.

C: That's all? Then thank you very much for this interesting interview.

I: Thanks to you, my only one Polish contact nowadays.

C: Bye!

I: Bye!

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