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by Cactus/Axelerate/Samar

As you can see we in Axelerate Crew did, what we declared. It's fact that first issue of our English disk magazine got released. Ladies and Gentlemans, I'm proud to present you a new disk magazine on the C-64 scene called:


This issue seems to be small, with small amount of articles. But remember that this is only first issue and it was really hard to invent, code and make 100% new disk magazine! We can promise that next issues will be better and better. And we can also promise that they won't be released with such a long delay (you know that we hoped to release "Attitude #1" in January 2000, and now we have April 2000). I don't want to type there every reason for this delay, I hope you're happy anyway. Happy that C-64 scene is still alive and there are people like us, who still want to support the scene with new, good quality productions!

Who did what in the magazine... Here comes full credits...


Code: Cactus/Axelerate/Samar

In fact everything was invented by me: also the whole idea of making C-64 scene disk magazine. I fixed all bugs in code, so I suppose there shouldn't be any problems while reading articles...

Musics: Glover/Samar, Hank/Draco/Sataki, Klax/Axelerate/Oxygen/Voodoo, Phobos/Axelerate/Neax/Samar, Shapie/Onslaught

I would like to thank these five people very much for composing EXCLUSIVE MUSICS for our magazine. You rule, friends!

Logo: Colitt/De-Koder

Also big thanks must go to Colitt, who painted a really nice logo for "Attitude"! You are one of my favourite Polish graphicians, Lukasz!

Fonts: Scarab/Arise/Axelerate/Samar

Scarab did a really hard work :-) Important thing is that fonts have been painted exclusively for our magazine!

Articles for this issue have been written by only five people...

The staff:

Main editor: Cactus/Axelerate/Samar

Co-editor: Zapotek/Axelerate/Phantasy

Guest editors: Einstein/WOW, Firefox/Axicon, TMR/Cosine/Onslaught

Thanks a lot guys for your nice texts! If anyone else wants to help us with writing articles, he can use the editor.

What can you read in this issue? Well, there are several interesting articles. After this editorial follows news section, which contains all the latest C-64 scene news. The charts are probably article, you'll read first :-) Then you can read some texts by our guest editors and Zapotek... And then follows some very interesting interviews done by Cactus. You can also check addy corner for some interesting addresses. I think that everyone can find something nice for himself...

You can change currently playing music by entering music menu.

We used standard keys to move through menu and articles... In the menu you can use cursor keys up and down for choosing article and return for accepting. While reading any text pushing cursor key right will move you to the next page, left to the previous page. Return means getting back to main manu. I think it's very simple, isn't it?

If there are some active and fast swappers in the scene, we would like them to be official spreaders of the "Attitude" magazine. The official snailmail distributors for this first issue are:


...and of course all Axelerate members!

We especially need official spreaders from other scene coutries.

For anything concerning this magazine as well as for joining Axelerate, you can mail me at:

- Axelerate and "Attitude" HQ
- no ordinary swapping

That's all in this small editorial. We hope you'll like our magazine... If you do so, please VOTE FOR US! We really need your support right now!!!

Best regards,

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