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Welcome to the official Attitude website - Europe's #1 C64 scene disk magazine
The official website of popular C64 scene disk magazine "Attitude" has been officialy launched today. It features the complete info on every released issue, the complete articles list with their content and the electronic votesheet. The basic layout has been designed by RRR, the rest including all text conversion was done by Cactus. Enjoy it and give us some feedback!
VIEWING COMMENTSThu 23 September 2004, 15:00

#1: Thu 23/09/2004, 16:13:36
This website looks really nice. Whoever has done this website a very well done to you all :)

I thought the final outcome of myself versus Fade was quite funny :) Brings memories back of some silly flamewar that I caused in the past. I'm not going to take this scene thing too serious this time. After all, whatever people do on their C64 or C64 emulators/scene they do it for fun.
Richard Bayliss

#2: Thu 23/09/2004, 16:58:02
hey Pawel! :) Great work! greetings, sveinung

#3: Thu 23/09/2004, 22:22:47
I still prefer my original XHTML/CSS based flexibel layout which really rocked on my PDA. ;-)

It would have been smarter to release the sprite charset on the real machine first before abusing the digits for the online counter.

#4: Fri 24/09/2004, 8:52:50
Thank You, Richard & Zapotek, for your positive feelings! Hey Sveinung, what are you doing these days? You were the part of Attitude staff in the past, but then you left the C64 scene!

#5: Fri 24/09/2004, 11:42:46
hi Pawel, Great site. See ya pal

#6: Fri 24/09/2004, 21:17:00
Pawel.. still "watching" the scene :) need a little time till i get back. hello to my old friend TIMO too :)

#7: Sat 25/09/2004, 11:07:14
Nice to see that the c64 scene is still rocking with things like disk mags... i know a good diskmag is a lot of work and its a important part of the scene. sad to see that the pc scene gives a shit about diskmags and on amiga there are only few mags left too. so keep the attitude guys!!! d!RT!E/mOOdSplateau (an amigacrew)

#8: Sat 25/09/2004, 11:42:46
Hello Sveinung, old pal. Didn't really recognize your first entry here. Long time no see. How are you doing these days?

#9: Sat 25/09/2004, 13:38:30
Zapotek! I did not even know that you left the scene! Hope that you will come back one day!

#10: Sat 25/09/2004, 14:55:54
flash> when yo'll be back?

#11: Sat 25/09/2004, 20:46:30
Well, nice website, but Europe's no. 1? I don't know.....
Better be careful with such statments....just my opinion.
And I find the homepage a bit too colorful and is there a need to get the logo that blocky?
Nafcom/P.o.L./The Stock

#12: Sun 26/09/2004, 21:50:52
Nafcom: what is the #1 European scene mag?

#13: Mon 27/09/2004, 21:13:46
As I already wrote at a very good issue 7 and a nice & simple website. The comment function is cool. Reading some articles online here made me installing an emulator and executing the mag directly to be able to catch the feeling. Yeah, using the real machine would be better, I know, forgive me please... But reading the mag, watching some demos and playing Archon after so many years made really endless fun! Yeah, as Amiga Scener I'm used a different resolution & a lot more colours and such. But it's funny to watch what is going on behind the curtain... ;-)
Ghandy/Moods Plateau/Scarab/Vantage

#14: Mon 27/09/2004, 22:31:16
>Cuc! Hope it will happen soon! I still remember 64.

#15: Mon 4/10/2004, 14:50:47
Hell'0 Cactus. Nice work as usual :) Greetz to all my friends from c64 scene.

#16: Mon 5/12/2005, 10:10:54
great site, great work... thank you

#17: Fri 15/09/2006, 8:43:28
Wanderer's C64 Bugfixed Games

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